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Keurig penalized for misrepresenting the possibility of recycling coffee capsules

Keurig penalized for misrepresenting the possibility of recycling coffee capsules

Keurig Canada will have to pay a $3 million fine and $800,000 to environmental organizations for misleading part of the country about the recyclability of its popular K-Cup, the coffee served in disposable capsules.

The US coffee company reached an agreement with the Canadian Competition Bureau, which investigated “false or deceptive” practices.

“The office has concluded that outside of the British Columbia and Quebec territories, K-Cup capsules are not widely accepted by municipal recycling programs at this time,” the government agency said in a statement Thursday.

Keurig Canada has also misled consumers in some municipalities by providing an incomplete process of capsule washing steps.

“The Keurig Canada guidelines give the impression that consumers can prepare the capsules for recycling by removing the seal and emptying the ground coffee; however, some local recycling programs require additional steps to recycle the capsules,” the office explained.

In addition to the $3.8 million it would have to pay, the company would have to reimburse $85,000 for the legal costs the office incurred in this case.

Keurig Canada will also need to change the indications, package its K-Cup capsules, and post the fixes on social media and in national and local media.

The Keurig Company has pioneered the technology of coffee machines powered by micro capsules.

“It is illegal practice in Canada to portray products or services as having more environmental benefits than they actually do. False or misleading claims by companies to promote more ‘green’ products are detrimental to consumers, who do not They can make informed purchasing decisions, and harm competition and companies that offer products with less environmental impact.”

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