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Kergrist-Moëlou’s wishes: co-working space, soft track and outdoor games in 2023 – Kergrist-Moëlou

Alan Kapsic, the mayor of Kergrist Muilo, presided over his first vows ceremony on Friday since his election. This year 2023 will be the year of interested parties joining the co-working space erected on the floor of the town hall, “because the world of work is changing, and this justifies the mayor. Coming also, the soft way to connect us with other municipalities; outdoor games so that our young people become responsible citizens, our website connects world and facilitate some administrative procedures.

Alan Kopsic adds: “We can carry out this work, despite our debts that are still running to our wonderful village hall, thanks to subsidies and because we have good financial resources. Other investments, which are still in the making, will attract other subsidies that will direct us towards work in the field Energy, the environment, and living well together.”

Be active in the life between the municipalities

Alain Cupcic recalls: “CCKB assigned me the Environmental Committee with many collaborators. These missions do not take me away from our collective. They are important because water policies, bocage, sensitive areas, relations with the agricultural world, implementation of the local urban plan concern us all on a daily basis. Sees Mayors Reducing their powers and the powers of the inter-municipal authorities are greater. For all these reasons, it is better for our municipality to be an actor in inter-municipal life than to remain a spectator, “emphasizing that in school,” the teachers made sure that the municipality was attractive through Label E3Dthrough his work on nature and nature.

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