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Kent Hughes’ nose was searched for in Arizona coyote records

Kent Hughes’ nose was searched for in Arizona coyote records

– Kent Hughes has seen his nose in the records of the Arizona Coyotes.

– CH leaders will stay alert….

– Logan Cooley, the one CH should have picked over Juraj Slavkovsky…

– Can decide to stay at the University of Minnesota until she’s free as air (3 more years in the NCAA to become a free agent).

– so he can sign with the team he wants.

– Usually, Americans want to stay in the United States.

– But in 3 years… CH will be a pretend team…

– with many Americans (Hutson, Farrell, etc.).

Imagine Cooley in Montreal…

– Meanwhile, the father of Clayton Keeler, who claimed that his son will leave the Wolves this summer …

– He lies to everyone… saying his Twitter account was hacked.

“Keller will not be here at the start of the season and we expect another [joueurs] imitate him. The team will move on, there are no other options left, and Phoenix will regret losing a professional team. wrote earlier this week.

After watching the scandal he made…

“Wednesday morning, while I was out of town on business, I was informed by several friends that some Twitter messages had apparently been sent from my personal account regarding a proposed arena vote for Tempe and my son, Clayton Keeler’s future in AZ.”

“I am writing to inform anyone reading these messages that my Twitter account has been hacked and that the messages were sent by the hacker. I want to make it clear that I did not authorize these posts and that they do not reflect my personal views or opinions.”

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“This has been reported and my account is now secure.”

It really takes us for fools.

– However, from Cooley to Keeler….

Kent Hughes, who knows the two young men well…

– And who wants to choose Will Smith, another American diamond..

– It looks like you want to create an American CLIQUE in Montreal…

– The fate of Cooley or Keeler passes through Quebec?

– He follows…