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Kent Hughes' dream has collapsed

Kent Hughes' dream has collapsed

Kent Hughes had an ambitious dream for his team's future. He was hoping to see the Dallas Stars eliminate the Edmonton Oilers, which could have opened a window of opportunity to sign two NHL stars, Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid, in the coming years.

Already, with Draisaitl a free agent in 2025 and McDavid in 2026, Hughes knew that if the Oilers failed this season, the two best players in the world could consider leaving Edmonton in search of new challenges.

Hughes relied on the Oilers' collapse to lure this unparalleled talent to Montreal. He meticulously planned for the Canadian's rise, hoping the team would be a serious Stanley Cup contender by 2026.

This plan was based on seeing the Draisaitl-McDavid duo wearing the tricolor, a prospect that would have made CH fans quiver with excitement and propel the team to the Stanley Cup we had all been waiting for since 1993.

The opposite happened. The Edmonton Oilers, far from collapsing, are now on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup. And to see Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl at a press conference, united like two brothers, as dumb as their feet with the Edmonton reporters roughing them up, we can understand that the two stars are in Edmonton to stay.

This impending victory has direct repercussions for Hughes' aspirations. An Oilers victory in the Stanley Cup Final would likely solidify Draisaitl's loyalty, prompting him to sign a contract extension this season.

For his part, Connor McDavid will clearly expand his adventure with the Oilers with the goal of spending his entire career there. He will be eligible for a contract extension from the summer of 2025.

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For Kent Hughes, this was a shattered dream. The scenarios he envisioned, the hopes pinned on an Oilers defeat and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Canadian with Draisaitl and/or McDavid are gone.

With the Oilers headed to the Stanley Cup Final, Hughes must now review his plans and look for other ways to take the Canadiens to the top.

The dream of creating a super team consisting of one of the best players in the world, or even with the best players in the world, remains a shattered vision, but Hughes's determination to build a championship team remains.

It will take more than the Suzukis and Cowfields of this world to achieve its goal.