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Kent Hughes doesn't think the Canadian wins much

Kent Hughes doesn’t think the Canadian wins much

The Canadiens’ plan this year is simple. The goal is not to win all the games of the season, but to develop the youth.

Currently, after 15 matches, the club has a winning record (surprise for everyone). Given that the Canadiens are going through a “reconstruction period,” has the team won a lot since the start of the year? Kent Hughes answered the question today after the NHL General Managers meeting.

We will continue to develop players and if we keep winning, even better. I often hear that we make too much, but we really believe that culture is essential. – Kent Hughes

true words. Because at the moment the success of the team is explained by the performance of the young players (Dach, Suzuki, Caufield, Guhle, etc.). And seeing them perform like this so far definitely helps the plan for Kent Hughes and the other leaders of the Montreal Canadiens.

Whether the club wins or not, the important thing is to create a certain culture. This is what we are currently witnessing, when all members of the organization seem to love each other.

If the club can keep up the pace and find some way to qualify for the playoffs, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. It would simply mean that the youth are more mature than we think and that the club is heading in the right direction.

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We especially want to help youngsters grow and mature on the ice and winning definitely helps the cause. Youngsters aren’t going to improve by losing four out of five games (talk to clubs like the Coyotes, who have been rebuilding for thousands of years).

What I particularly like is to see the importance Kent Hughes places on his plan, which has remained the same since day one. His eyes are in the same place so the club can build a new culture and that’s to his credit.

Guide? Even if the Canadian is in good shape in March and has a chance to make the playoffs, Hughes wouldn’t trade one of his first-round draft picks in order to get another player.

Many of

– So far, Dach has been very impressed.

– Beautiful Radio Moments.

Excellent paper.

– A small change to the Penguins’ schedule regarding their “reverse retro” jerseys.

– Dress up for the cause!