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Kent Hughes called the Ducks for the second overall pick

Kent Hughes called the Ducks for the second overall pick

Arbon Basu revealed some interesting information in his latest article.

Basically, he indicated that the Canadian is doing everything he can to climb into the play-offs by saying that the club has been in discussions with the Sharks for fourth pick overall…

And immediately after that, a reporter for The Athletic claimed that Kent Hughes contacted the Ducks to find out what it would take to get the second overall pick in the upcoming NHL auction.

Kent Hughes is clearly “making up” his phone a bit these days.

I’d love to see a GM be very aggressive in its efforts to improve its lineup in one way or another.

Did last week’s NHL stunt change things for Kent Hughes? If he calls ducks and sharks, it just means he has a specific goal in mind…

And I really wonder if that goal can be the same. In fact, I really wonder if that target’s name was Will Smith.

We all know the relationship between a player and a general manager. By trading in the second option, Hughes is sure to get his hands on the one he has already trained in the past…

Because there is a real world out there where the Blue Jackets, wanting to draft a center fielder, would pick the American with the third overall pick.

It may also have been that Kent Hughes liked what he saw of Adam Fantilli, that he wanted to go up in the draft to make his selection. The Canadian has a desire to add size to his training and this is where the Fantilli name makes sense in the equation…

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But I insisted and signed. I really think the player we’re looking to draft is named Will Smith for reasons that we already know.

Yes, Hughes would have a better chance of getting him by trading to the Sharks for the fourth overall pick. But the Blue Jackets are under no obligation to take on Leo Carlsson to please CH… and Jarmo Kekäläinen isn’t interested in revealing his plans to help Kent Hughes with his business.

Oh how interesting!


However, a specific question must be asked.

What is the second option in general? We agree that, for the basics of the deal, Kent Hughes will field the fifth pick from the draft. But after…

I guess it depends on what the ducks are looking for. Would they like to add more hopes to their bank, in the optics that the club is still in the process of reconstruction? Or, do they want one (or more) well-established players, specifically to slow down this reconstruction?