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Kendall Jenner reveals how she deals with her anxiety

Kendall Jenner reveals how she deals with her anxiety

Louise Thewes


On Monday, Kendall Jenner spoke about her mental health and especially her anxiety. A passion that she experienced for several years.

Kendall Jenner He suffers from anxiety. This Monday, on her Instagram account, the 26-year-old model opened up to nearly 220 million subscribers about her mental health. In particular, she detailed her various solutions to deal with her anxiety. “Happy Monday everyone!! My anxiety, especially social anxiety, recently hit 100. I settled into a place where I don’t feel bad about it. I love where I have and my alone time,” she said.

In a video showing her garden and the calm that prevails there, the model explained that she was “looking for ways” to “help her” start [sa] A day with a calmer and more positive state of mind.” Monday, sister Kylie Jenner She revealed that she took “ten deep inhales and exhales before she touched it [son] Phone, “before later expressing” gratitude to [sa] Luck.” “I am optimistic about the day ahead and you should be. I love you all !”.

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“I’m still human”

It’s not the first time this has happened Tequila brand creator 818 He treats his anxiety. She said in July 2021 in an episode “Open Minded” series from “Vogue” magazine . She noted that her mental health deteriorated somewhat after she became famous. “I think overworking her, and being in the position I’m in right now, kind of got her out of control in a way.”

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During the interview, Kendall Jenner responded to criticism from her critics who wondered what could possibly worry her. “I would never sit here and say I was unlucky. I know I lead a very special and incredible lifestyle. I am a very lucky girl,” before adding, “But in the end, I am still a human being.”

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