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Kate Winslet cried all the tears in her body in front of Leonardo DiCaprio after three years without seeing him

Kate Winslet cried all the tears in her body in front of Leonardo DiCaprio after three years without seeing him

Kate Winslet And Leonardo DiCaprio I love, adore, admire each other for 25 years. Previously. on a set of TitanicBetween them, it was true love at first sight, and made for the planetary success of the movie “forever”The actress admitted to guardian. The two actors had the opportunity to give each other a second time 2008 in Drama the Rebel wedding (Another “damned couple” …), and throughout these years, their friendship remained constant even if they did not have the opportunity to see each other as they liked.

Kate Winslet crying in front of Leonardo DiCaprio

Guide ? Due to their professional commitments and the global pandemic, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have not met each other for three long years. But, miraculously, they recently managed to meet again in Los Angeles. Fat emotion sequence For the actress, she burst into tears in her arms BFF. “I couldn’t stop crying anymore, Kate said to guardian. I’ve known him for half my life! “ And we can understand it, “It’s not like I’m in New York or it’s in London and there was a chance to have dinner or coffee and right. We could not leave our country. Like many friendships around the world, we have lost each other to Covid. He’s my friend, my very close friend.”

Between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, she is beautiful and unique friendship novel : “Leo and I have some kind of telepathic connection, we’ve known each other for a long time and managed to stay friends. I know what Leo thinks, I know how it works and it’s the same with him.”Kate said a few years ago. And if she enjoys telling him it is love of my lifeThere was nothing but deep respect for each other: “For me and Leo, it was above all seven months of very intense work.We were very young and fortunately we were lucky that we were never attracted to each other!I know it’s really annoying hearing that, so, I’m sorry, but it really is!And As captured by the actress.

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Leo is not flabby”We share the same sense of humor, we laugh at the same things, it just keeps me from taking myself too seriously. There is Something magical between us, had the opportunity to explain the actor.


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