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Le prénom Karen n’a plus la cote aux États-Unis, on se demande bien pourquoi (non)

Karen’s first name is no longer popular in the United States, why (no)

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of small Karen born United States Significantly reduced from 439 to 325. As a result, Karen lost nearly 200 places in the list of most popular names in the United States. Last published statistics By the US administration.

For many years now, The first name loses momentum Since its popularity peaked in 1965, 33,000 small cranes have seen daylight, so it is now in their fifties.

We know it like clothes The first names also follow cycles There they come back into fashion or expire, but in the case of Karan, an additional event may explain this disappointment.

First name Karen became a memorial day

In a few years, Karen’s first name has actually become a memorial day In the Anglo-Saxon world, and a way of appointing white women, quinces or quinquas, they think they have all the rights, especially if they want to complain. Karen’s favorite phrase? “Call your manager! ”(“ Invite your ex! ”).

Origin of the monument 2014 and a Discussion of Reddit, Based on a photo of a woman with a short haircut, is believed to be symbolic of telling salespeople or employees to call their manager.

Reddit users tried to find the first name to associate with this image, and Karen stayed. But it could also be Carol, Susan or Linda, based on common first names in the United States Generation X White Women (Born between 1965 and 1980).

Name associated with homosexuality and racism

The monument’s popularity erupted following a series of incidents in which white women called police to match Karan’s regular profile. Bird watching.

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In short, you will understand that, in a few years, The first name, Karen, has taken on a very bad connotation by associating with white women who believe they allow anything and are racist..

The situation where the carriers of Karen’s first name were interviewed in this video Actress, writer and comedian Shive. Alas, these women do not seem to realize that they maintain some degree of similarity with Karen …

Karen’s first name was not the only one abandoned by American parents in 2020. Galici has dropped 150 places in the list of most popular names. Maybe the end of the series Game of Thrones, Or The character of Daenerys Darkarian, also known as Galici, Lift a cable and burn everyone, it’s nothing …

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