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'Kao the Kangaroo', 'The Centennial Case', 'They're Always Running'... What are we playing this week?

‘Kao the Kangaroo’, ‘The Centennial Case’, ‘They’re Always Running’… What are we playing this week?

The return of the somewhat forgotten platform game hero, an interactive investigative thriller and a muscular futuristic adventure: this is the pick video game of the week.

Kangaroo Kao rises from the ashes nearly 17 years after his last adventure, as Centennial issue Confirms the return of the game’s format in Action video. As for hectic They are always runningHe gives us a gift: a third arm.

kao kangaroo

It’s not Kao, the slender kangaroo that’s gone missing since the 2000s, who would have been hailed as a hero to be urgently brought back to life in HD, but why not? Polish studio Tate is still in control, not planning a revolution for this sunny reboot, but like the creators Crash Bandicoot 4And the Instead, he seeks to zoom in by bringing him back from the past into the 3D platformer at the time when the marsupial was making its first leaps: collect thuns from rare (^ Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64) or Rayman 2 And the 3. will play kao kangaroo Today, it’s about reconnecting with that somewhat old spirit, with these old dreams mixed with animation and fairy tales. In short: with this innocence (which sometimes did not exclude the very commercial dimension of the projects). Aharon (yucca nightAnd the Super Lucky TaleAnd the grass demon…) I’ve tried it, but Kao is far from this era. It is a pleasure to see the enthusiasm he still lives in.

On Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows, Tate Multimedia, about 30

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Centenary Status: The Story of Shijima

2022, the year of the game in Action video ? Follow closely Not intended for radio broadcasting And the Who pressed mute on Uncle Marcus?And the Centennial issue It emerges as the most luxurious of these interactive new films with its long sequences in period costumes (plural) and its rich investigations of twists and turns. The result, unfortunately, did not live up to her ambitions. The game’s tedious system error (to categorize clues) is as much a mistake as uneven grading. Instead, we recommend addressing Centennial issue As a modern version of Famicom Detectives Club or a Kleido Japanese can be enjoyed in small doses, chapter by chapter. If his clothes are a little too loose for him, we let ourselves be impressed by his tune.

On Switch, PS4, PS5 and Windows, Hand / Square Enix, about 50

They are always running

Exactly what we needed: a third arm. While waiting to finally use it for everyday tasks, he’s very stressed They are always running This addition would be very useful given the aggressiveness of our opponents. In this futuristic and totalitarian world that oppresses mutants, our quest is first and foremost the fluidity of movement. Jumps, rolls, and different attacks are all tools you have to learn to play. It won’t be easy “you are dead‘, repeats to us They are always running like this Evil spirits 2D sci-fi – The controls could have used a little more subtlety, but acrobatic pressure with their pretty settings is always rewarding.

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On Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Alawar / PID Games, about 17 euros. Also available for Windows