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Kaiden Guhle takes on a lot of value

Kaiden Guhle seems more and more comfortable taking responsibilities over a numerical advantage.

The Alberta forward skated 1:42 into a five-man attack against the Arizona Coyotes on Monday and once again showed off his navigating skills in the second half on the climb that allowed Cole Cofield to open the scoring in the second period.

Time to get Guhle into the first wave with four attackers? Martin St. Louis defends patience, but is aware of the skills of his 20-year-old protege.

“I think from the very beginning, one wanted to focus on his 5-on-5 game and not give him too much responsibility,” he said after training Tuesday at Mullett Arena, Arizona. When you have a lot, you are not perfect all around. You are average all around. Physically, it is demanding. mentally too.”

Guhle has so far averaged 20:37 ice time, the most on defense. With Joel Edmondson, he encounters the best lines.

“Since the beginning of the year, he’s been seeing highlights and everything. It’s demanding of the young man. It shows us that we can give him a little bit from time to time and increase his responsibilities. With injuries, he speeds things up a bit. We know he has the attack, and we’ll see how he manages the numerical advantage.

In training

CH had one last training session on Tuesday before heading to Denver, where it will take on the Colorado Avalanche on Wednesday, and on the eve of that clash, Gohle caught the eye during head coach Martin St. Louis’ press conference.

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The 20-year-old rookie is continuing his professional training in the National Hockey League (NHL) and although nothing is perfect, he has impressed a lot of people. Few will remember his -9 difference or his 12 assists in 32 games this season, but rather the quality of his play and the confidence he inspires more and more on the ice.

In a sign he has more responsibility, Guhle totaled more than 23 minutes in Monday’s 3-2 overtime win over the Coyotes.

He finds himself more offensive, which indicates the ease with which he develops.

“I think he does it naturally and instinctively. He tries to read the game and play according to what comes his way. It shows him sometimes he has to be more involved in attack and other times he has to stay behind. It depends on the outcome and the time of the meeting, but in general, He reads the game well,” complimented the head coach.

Image source: Getty Images via AFP

Along the same lines

It is clear that the main concerned looks like an athlete is at his full potential when he is discussing with the media to talk about his performance. He has no intention of letting his guard down and intends to continue following his recipe for success, especially in terms of offense.

“I came from a formation that was good in attack [les Oil Kings d’Edmonton] He assessed that the fact that he touched the puck a lot in the opposition area in the juniors helps me in the National League.

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“My game should cause a surge of self-confidence and it was only natural that it showed since the start of this season. Playing like this was huge for me.”