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Kaiden Guhle has been ruled out of the bronze medal match

Kaiden Guhle has been ruled out of the bronze medal match

Today is the day on which medals will be distributed at the World Ice Hockey Championship, while starting at 9:20 am, Canada and Sweden will compete for the bronze medal.

So we were going to keep an eye on how Montreal Canadiens defenseman Kayden Guehle would act in this game, but in the end, that wouldn't be necessary.

Kaiden Guhle will not play in the game, while Ridly Greig will be ruled out.

Canada will field 14 forwards and six defensemen against Sweden.

It's a decision that surprised everyone just a few minutes before the start of the bronze medal match.

To dismiss Kayden Guehle, who had a good tournament (five points in nine games), for such an important match is very strange.

Maybe he had a minor injury and would have been in the gold medal game, but right now, we don't know.

Update: Kayden Guhle was reportedly injured in yesterday's game against Switzerland while blocking a shot.

Therefore, Andre Tourigny preferred to leave Gohle aside and sign players who were 100% fit.

Speaking of Turrini, he received a lot of attention yesterday, and not for the right reasons.

Indeed, he was subjected to severe criticism yesterday after Canada's defeat to Switzerland.

In three-on-three overtime, Connor Bedard didn't play a single second, and in the shootout, Canada's coach sent two defenders on.

Honestly, I really thought Turrini was an excellent coach, but after his recent decisions in the last two days, I have some doubts.

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Furthermore, it should be noted that Connor Bedard, who played just over 13 minutes yesterday, will be Canada's 13th forward today.

What's going on with Torini?