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Kabylia wants an achievement in Morocco

Kabylia wants an achievement in Morocco

As announced in the same columns, the Canary Islands will meet Morocco tomorrow morning in anticipation of the Royal Army match that will be played next Saturday. This match is part of the second preliminary round of the CAF Cup.

However, the yellow and green of JS Kabylie give utmost importance to this game and they want to achieve an achievement in this important confrontation. After several weeks of preparation, the Canary Islands want to start the new season with a victory in Morocco during this continental encounter. Certainly, the team will not be a full squad because the new players are not qualified, however, those who will play this match intend to do everything to achieve a good operation. Despite the difficult task ahead of them, the players are nevertheless confident. In fact, during the discussions we had with some of the players, they were all unanimous in saying that the match would be very difficult. But they told us that they know what awaits them and that only a good outcome counts during this confrontation. A few hours before kick-off in Morocco, a great deal of concentration was observed among the members of the Benabdi team. They promise to do everything they can to achieve a convincing result to increase their chances of qualifying in the return match to be played in 1.He is-November. Which remains the wish of all JS Kabylie fans who are eagerly awaiting this match.

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As everyone knows, JS Kabylie managed last season to reach the final, which it lost to Raja Casablanca by two goals to one. For the new edition, Youth Kabylie intends not only to participate but to achieve an honorable journey. In fact, his teammates Ben Sayeh want to pass the RMA track first and then strive to go as far as possible in this competition. Of course, their task will not be easy, but they intend to do everything to achieve a good path and why not play the final if the opportunity arises.

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It’s no secret that JS Kabylie supporters are demanding and wanting to see their club achieve great things this season. Something JS Kabylie players know well and who want to delight their fans. The players who first want to please their fans will see the CAF Cup match against the Royal Moroccan Army, which will be played next Saturday. They really want to dedicate a victory to their fans while waiting to meet them in the stands at the various matches that await JS Kabylie.

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