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Justin Trudeau plays his political life.

Justin Trudeau plays his political life.

All eyes will be on the four political leaders who will face each other this evening at 8pm on TVA. Face to face is a pivotal moment in the federal campaign. Mario Dumont talks about the challenge this rhetorical debate poses to the four politicians.

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“Justin Trudeau is really playing into his political future and his political life. In current opinion polls, we forget to be in the majority. To remain a minority prime minister, Quebec is its last bastion.”

Our political columnist recalls that despite the fact that Face to Face is in French, all the country’s journalists and commentators will analyze the performance of the four chefs.

“If it turns out that Justin Trudeau collapsed, that he was picked up, that he wasn’t up to the task or that energetic, it would spread across Canada that that’s what we think, Justin Trudeau is no longer working.”

Listen Dutrizac-Dumont meeting On QUB Radio:

Mario Dumont remembers, however, that Justin Trudeau is an experienced politician familiar with the debates. “He has strengths, this is his third. He has always been good at discussions. Justin Trudeau is at his best in times like this.”

*** Watch Mario Dumont’s predictions for the other three chefs in the full column in the video above