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Justin Trudeau fears armed conflict in Ukraine

Justin Trudeau fears armed conflict in Ukraine

Justin Trudeau He said he was “extremely concerned” about the growing risk of armed conflict in Ukraine, where diplomatic talks have stalled and Russia has taken steps the West considers alarming. The Canadian prime minister has not yet determined whether he will provide the weapons that Ukraine has requested to defend itself. He makes it clear that he wants to avoid making “apologies” to the Russians.

“We fear an armed conflict in Ukraine,” the prime minister admitted on Wednesday. He declared at a press conference, where he reviewed the epidemic, that a gesture of “aggression” by Russia or “incursion” into Ukrainian territory would be “totally unacceptable”.

From Talks between Western countries, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Russia He failed to ease tensions in recent weeks.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie. Was in Ukraine earlier this week To meet with Prime Minister Denis Shmyal and Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanichina. I promised them that Canada would provide them with additional financial assistance.

For its part, Ukraine asked Secretary Jolie for Canada to provide it with military equipment to help it defend itself against a possible Russian attack. MI Stefanishina argued, in an interview in Globe and Mail, that non-lethal equipment and weapons were “essential”.

Justin Trudeau had no answer for him in Ottawa on Wednesday. “One of the things we’ve seen is that Russia is looking for excuses or reasons to continue its aggression against Ukraine, and even to intensify it,” the prime minister explained, justifying his reluctance.

“The decision we make will be based on the best interests of the Ukrainian people, as well as on what is best for preserving world peace for as long as possible,” said Justin Trudeau. The United States and Great Britain, for their part, pledged to send weapons to Ukraine.

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As the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine told Globe and Mail It wants to see Canada, the United States, and the European Union impose “preventive” economic sanctions on Russia, in order to increase the cost of the military intervention that President Vladimir Putin envisions.

Justin Trudeau said Canada is working with its allies on a “diplomatic response” as well as economic sanctions “to ensure that Russia respects the people of Ukraine, and respects their decision to choose their government and leadership.”

The United States is stepping up its efforts

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken It was also passing through the Ukrainian capital Wednesday, before meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavor on Friday.

Mr. Blinken took the opportunity to summon Russian President Vladimir Putin to choose a “peaceful path” in the Ukraine crisis.

“I very much hope that we can stay on a diplomatic and peaceful path, but in the end it will be President Putin’s decision,” the US secretary of state said, noting that Russia could “very quickly” increase its forces that are still deployed on the outskirts of Ukraine. .

Canadian soldiers on site

Tensions are at their peak in the region, where more than 100,000 Russian troops are stationed near the border with Ukraine, according to authorities there and the US government. Video clips, posted on social media, also showed the movement of large numbers of tanks, artillery and troops. Russia has also deployed military personnel to Belarus, a close ally of Russia and Ukraine’s northern neighbor.

There are currently about 200 Canadian soldiers in Ukraine as part of the operation unified Which has been providing training to Ukrainian soldiers since 2015.

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Justin Trudeau did not say whether members of the Canadian Armed Forces would be repatriated in the event of an increasingly anxious armed conflict. “Contingency plans” are in place, but the prime minister did not want to “go into details”. “We will make decisions based on the situation, depending on what actions Russia or others can take,” he said. He also did not reveal whether that mission, which is due to end in March 2022, would be extended.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki warned on Tuesday that the situation had reached “a point where Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time.”

Russian diplomats and their families have reportedly begun deporting from Kiev, where the embassy is located, and from Lviv, where there is a consulate, to Moscow.

Russia demands that NATO pledge, through a treaty, not to include Ukraine in its alliance. President Putin believes that the country is still part of Russia’s “sphere of influence”. Moscow is also demanding that Western countries cease all military presence in Eastern Europe.

Western countries rejected these terms. Canada supports Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

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