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Justin Langer: Australia's T20 World Cup win for head coach 'under pressure', says Rob Key |  Cricket News

Justin Langer: Australia’s T20 World Cup win for head coach ‘under pressure’, says Rob Key | Cricket News

Justin Langer responded after criticizing his training style earlier this year

According to ski sports cricket expert Rob Kee, Australia’s victory in the T20 World Cup is “big” for head coach Justin Langer after a difficult year.

Reports from Australia in early 2021 suggested that the players were not happy with the former Test opener’s intense training style.

However, Kee says New Zealand’s victory by eight wickets to secure Australia’s T20 title was the best response to Langer’s criticism ahead of the Ashes series starting in December.

“I think it’s huge,” the former England hitter said. “A lot has been said about a coach’s comments under pressure.

“It was a tough year for him and it really came from the players in the locker room that it wasn’t really anyone in the media saying,‘ Langer is not good enough as a coach ’.

“All of these things came from inside the locker room or from players who played on this team or the Test team. They are sometimes critical and where the question marks came from.

“Really and really, I think he’s the biggest killer for a coach. Coaches can lose, coaches can do all sorts of things, but it’s really hard if you lose the locker room.

“It’s a big thing here because they can play, they can win, they did. With the Ashes coming up, the players will decide if Langer is the right man.”

The importance of the draw was again discussed with Australia, which generated 10 out of 10 wins for second-placed teams in Dubai during the tournament, but Key believes Nova Scotia could have tried to cancel their trophy. -Tasman rivals. Benefit.

“You felt the draw was more important to New Zealand than Australia,” he said. “When you spoke to the players who played against both teams, they liked Australia and they felt they had more firepower on the bat and the ball.

“So you really felt you had to win the New Zealand draw. The only thing is, it’s all this snow and if it comes down to [the ball] Slide [more in the second innings], New Zealand could have been more adventurous in these first rounds, no doubt. “

Meanwhile, Ashes preparations for the red ball experts on both sides are already underway, and the England Test players who took part in the T20 World Cup will be flown to Australia on Monday and given who they will be traveling with, they are unlikely to be. Waiting to travel.

Mike Atherton told Sky Sports, “There is a group of cricketers who do not appreciate this, it’s the England Ashes players.

“They had to wait until Australia finished their match, and they had to go on a charter flight with the Under-Australians on Monday, which could be an interesting flight.”

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