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Junior Team Canada 2018: Players clear themselves of the hidden scandal

Junior Team Canada 2018: Players clear themselves of the hidden scandal

Sexual assault allegations made by members of Junior Team Canada 2018 put the players involved in utter embarrassment, with some of them quickly deciding to conjure up their excuses to stay away from her.

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The story highlighted by TSN and Athletic last week continues to discredit Hockey Canada, which has reached an amicable agreement with the alleged victim.

The latter had initiated proceedings against the National Football League, the Canadian League and eight players in connection with the attacks allegedly suffered on June 19, 2018, on the sidelines of a ceremony in London to honor the winning team of the previous World Hockey Championship. Carpentry.

Journalist Ken Campbell also noted on his Twitter account on Monday that five players from the champion team had indicated, through their agents, that they were not involved in the alleged facts that would also be the subject of an internal investigation by the National League.

Among other things, defender Victor Mitte was present in Cancun when the acts were committed, according to his representative Darren Ferris.

Subsequently, Kurt Overhard, who defends the interests of linebacker Cal Foot, told the same source that his client was not in any way involved in the story, as “necessary verifications” explained.

Also, defender Dante Fabro was asleep at the time of the events, according to his agent JB Barry. Finally, Jona Gadjovic and Colorado Avalanche star Cal McCarn were also not in attendance, according to people representing them; In Makar’s case, he would have cooperated in the investigation, according to agent Brian Bartlett.

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Sure, many have already started a “witch hunt” to try to identify the wrongdoers, even if the whole thing turns out to be a dangerous game.

People took note of the names of Junior Team Canada 2018 led by Dominique Ducharme, who was knocked out by the Montreal Canadiens earlier this season.

Only one Quebec hockey player played for the team during the tournament, Maxime Comtois, of the Anaheim Ducks.

Other athletes well known to fans include Philadelphia Flyers goalkeeper Carter Hart, linebacker Kaley Clagg – who has played a few games for the Habs this year – as well as forwards Dillon Dobby, Robert Thomas, Drake Paterson, Alex Forminton and Jordan Kerro.

If certain players duly prove to be signed up, the consequences for their careers could be significant.

The hockey world has been rocked by some notorious cases recently, including Brad Aldrich, the former Chicago Blackhawk’s video director who assaulted Kyle Beach during the 2009-2010 campaign.

Back in the 2018 European Court of Justice file, a 24-year-old woman claimed she was assaulted by eight players, named “John Doe 1 through 8” in Ontario Supreme Court documents.

Someone would catch her in a bar and the lady was going to drink several glasses of alcohol. Later, she would have sexual relations in a hotel room with the hockey player in question, except that he would have attended seven accomplices without the consent of the complainant, who had been raped multiple times according to The Athletic.

The victim claimed $3.55 million from the defendants in past and future monetary damages and the pain, suffering, and emotional distress resulting from the assault.

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She would have chosen not to speak to the police or the independent Canada Hockey Investigator.

“The plaintiff is satisfied with the outcome of the case and relieved to see that this case has been settled,” her attorney, Robert Tallach, recently told TSN via email.

“She has nothing to add, and according to her will and behavior already expressed, she asks for her privacy to be respected and does not wish to be identified.”