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DigiCert announces the availability of its VMC certifications

June 28 and 29, 2022 Lyon – Espace Tate d’Or: AN2V University

Focus on the two plenary sessions!

Plenary 1: Tuesday 28 June 2022 – 10:30 am

CSF Work Progress – Trust Territories

Axis 1 (Needs of Local Authorities) of CSF (Strategic Sector Contract) has been leading five working groups since the summer of 2020. In addition, other themes are advancing: solutions, experimentation with use cases, site protection, facilitating deployment, digitalization and protection of our coasts and marine areas . About a hundred people participate in this work: 50 on the societal side and 50 on the industrial side. This plenary will give the floor to each working group chair.


Mr. Richard Kalkezoga – Chair of Axis 1 – Trustee Territories / Mr. Dominique Legrand – Co-Chair of Axis 1 – Territories of Trust – AN2V / Ms. Mauna Trikia – Regional Adviser for Digital Development – CA Plaine Commune Grand Paris / Mr. Paul-André PINCEMIN – Delegate for Cyber ​​Security and Military Restructuring – Rennes Métropole / Ms. Anne Fahey – Economic Development, Innovation and Smart Territory at the DGA – CA St-Quentin en Yvelines (to confirm) / Mr. Gérard LACROIX – Deputy Commissioner General “Security” – GICAT / Mr. Laurent ROCHETTE – Managing Director of Seine and Yvelines Numériques / Mr. Joël GUERET – Director of the Strategic Project on the topic of Security – Grand Region / Mr. Jean-Michel Duqueroes – Senior Manager, Collaborative Projects – Airbus Defense and Space SLC / Mr. François Morgadella – Head of Department Security Technologies Development” – SGDSN

Plenary No. 2: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 – 11 AM

What is the convergence between cybersecurity professions and environmental transformation?

As part of the work carried out within the CSF framework, we were pleasantly surprised to note that discussions converged regularly on the ecological transition, and this in particular in the context of discussions on the topic “Designing the transition towards smart and safe areas”.

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Mr. Jean-Michel MIS – MP for Loire Saint-Etienne / Mr. Renaud Pfevre – Vice President in charge of Security for the Auvergne Region – Rhône-Alpes / Ms. Mauna Tricia – Regional Digital Development Advisor, CA Plaine Commune Greater Paris – Vice Municipal Councilor SmartCity and Digital Innovation , Epinay-sur-Seine / Mr. Emmanuel Francois – President of the Smart Building Alliance (SBA) / Mr. Alain Capiten – Speaker in Energy Transmission and Nuclear and Renewable Energy / Mr. Jean Tavart – Director of Connected Territories – Seine and Yvelines Digital / Mr. Antoine Tristan MOCILNIKAR – Ministry Environmental and global transformation (subject to confirmation).

Dedicated Security Technologies Event:

• Two public sessions

• 12 workshops

• A prestigious evening on Tuesday 28th June

• 50 partners representing the technology show

• A gathering of 800 specialists

• Free entry for users of public and private institutions, including restaurants and prestigious evenings.

Participation Terms

• For users: elected officials, security directors, homeland security services, municipal police, institutions, journalists, etc. Registration is free and includes access to the entire event: conferences, trade fair, catering, evening venue …

• Companies that offer products or services in the field of security and safety. Paid registration via our booking site. A discounted rate is offered to the member companies of the association.

contact regulator

Remy Fargate

Director general

06 28 45 04 27

AN2V is a 1901 not-for-profit association established in 2004 that brings together suppliers and users of security technologies. You are registered to our mailing list, which allows you to receive our news and invitations.

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AN2V – 3 Place de la Bourse 69002 Lyon