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Julie Snyder stepped in and produced Occupation Double

Julie Snyder stepped in and produced Occupation Double

Julie Snyder is best known for her career as an animator, but she also wears the producer hat.

This is the case of his reality show “Double Occupation” on Novo.

Julie receives all disqualified candidates on her La Semaine des 4 Julie program every week.

During her last interview with contestant Jonathan, Julie Snyder apologized for finding that the production team had not intervened in time in the bullying he faced when he was on the show.

So much so that Julie and the production of Occupation Double came out to interfere in the final hours.

This is what we can read:

We are very sensitive to the fact that some of the behaviors that have been observed on air lately have caused the audience to react and we are sorry for that. We constantly question which images we choose to display on screen and strive to do so as transparently as possible.

All candidates are interviewed several times before and during the adventure to remind them of the importance of respect, which is fundamental to the competitionThe duality of proximity and location in the heart of the occupation. You can also see it via shows.

We have heard you, and are constantly striving to improve. That is why this week all OD Martinique candidates will be participating in a discussion on nonviolent communication led by author and screenwriter India Desjardins and will also receive training provided by Stéphane Villeneuve, Professor at UQAM in the Education Department and bullying expert, in order to raise their awareness and equip them to deal with acts of bullying and the ways to deal with bullying. Avoid it. These initiatives will be in addition to the consent, racism, and inclusion training that all candidates have already received before entering the adventure.

It’s good to see that production and Julie want to improve in the future…

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Some still criticize all the time it took before these measures were put in place…

And here is the full post for Occupation Double:

Like what Julie Snyder and the entire production team at Occupation Double take with things very seriously about the rest of things…

To see the link, Julie Snyder reveals all the pictures of her new renovated apartment… and what about the large balcony of an apartment… wow! see below:

Julie Snyder reveals photos of her newly renovated apartment

Photo: Julie Snyder and Double Occupation Page