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Julie Snapshot: The extreme phenomenon will change the look of July in Quebec

Julie Snapshot: The extreme phenomenon will change the look of July in Quebec

Wed Jun 30, 2021 8:49 a.m. – July is already here. After a month of plentiful heat, July can frustrate the trends of recent years. Exclusive analysis.

Briefly :

  • scorching in june
  • Mercury is more modest.
  • Heat elsewhere in Canada.

June ends with a heatwave, as opposed to what we expect to start in July: The county will find itself on the bottom of the air, bringing in cooler and less humid temperatures. But next week, high temperatures will return in a big way, opening the door to heat waves between July 5 and July 15. During this period, temperatures can be around 30 degrees Celsius.

July 1

According to the latest forecast, sweltering heat in western Canada could remain in the early part of the month, while our neighbors to the south will be treated to a gentle breeze.

July 2

heat comfort

For the second part of the month, bouts of heat are expected to be shorter due to the influx of cold air from Hudson Bay. This will come down to Quebec, thus cutting off periods of heat.

July 3

In recent years, the county has seen a positive temperature anomaly. July 2020 is particularly noteworthy because it ranked first among the hottest months, with a deviation of 3°C from normal. During this period, the county experienced fourteen days with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, including three heat waves.

July 4

So this year we expect a completely different scenario. We should still have a higher level of natural mercury, but there are no exceptional trends like last year. The big winners in the heat: Western Canada, which will experience the most intense bouts of heat.

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