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Julie Le Bretton opens up about her grief over motherhood

Julie Le Bretton opens up about her grief over motherhood

Julie Le Bretton was on her way earlier this week for the new Mary Lynne Juncas show, The wonderful spring of Mary LaneAnd she tackled a very personal topic, her loss of motherhood.

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During the interview, Mary Lynne Juncas brought up the topic of pressure on women to have children at all costs in order to become “witty”. She asks Julie, who had to grieve becoming a mother against her will.

Obviously there are more times harsh. Let’s say it was Mother’s Day recently. I definitely have a little bit on this day [triste]I feel a little lonely and it’s like I’m a very small stool,” she told the coordinator.

Mary Lynn wanted to know if the role of her mother-in-law would not interest her. Apparently her looks said it all: she seemed to give! In fact, it was my stepmother of three teenagers and it doesn’t seem easy.

After talking about the wonderful career of the actress, the two women frankly discussed their celibacy, sitting on camping chairs.

Surprised by the fact that the 46-year-old actress does not get any closer to an ordinary woman, Mary Lynn wanted to know why. This one has an explanation. In fact, she has noticed that men do not dare approach her because of her job, for fear of appearing “collective”. Julie Le Bretton also pointed out the double standards she faced several years ago. “As much as guys, when they have a certain recognition, it attracts girls a lot. For girls, it’s a bit the opposite.

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When asked what she was looking for in her next husband, she offered a simple but direct answer: “Her luggage should be in order. […]Whatever his life is.” Currently, the love of her life is her beautiful dog Adele, whom she adores.

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The person we saw playing Martin’s wife died in it Beautiful annoyances We also joked: “There is already a shortage of resources! Where are you boys? Are they all broke?”

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