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Julie Ann recounts her embarrassing arrival at the House of the Excluded

Julie Ann recounts her embarrassing arrival at the House of the Excluded

Patrice and Carol Ann admitted this on numerous occasions: they had serious reconciliations in the home of the excluded.

What they didn’t know when they got home is that Julie Ann will join them.

« I was eliminated three days later, while I was expecting to be alone in the excluded house, that’s what the production allowed me to point out, but I was really happy when I heard Carol Ann laugh. I went up and saw Patrice. I was pleasantly surprised to be with them, but felt uncomfortable. I said to myself: “Well, let’s see, they are not happy to see me!” So I knew right away that something was fishy ‘,” Julie Ann tells us.

« They didn’t tell me that same evening She adds. ” It was Carol Ann who took me aside and said, “I have something to tell you.” She was really uncomfortable when she told me that. I told him that no one owes me anything. Patrice and I never let ourselves be in a bad situation. I can understand why they came close. They had a great train ride on the show and found solace in each other [NDLR : meilleure réplique de l’année]. »

« It surprised me [qu’ils se rapprochent] Because on the show they barely said “hello” to each other. Patrice explained to me that in order to have relationships with a girl, the girl must open up, and he must know her life. So I said to myself: How did they get in three days to the point where I haven’t succeeded in five weeks? But then they explained to me that they really chatted for a long time. They got into big and in-depth discussions [NDLR : deuxième meilleure réplique de l’année]. »

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Julie-Ann explains that despite everything, it was a good atmosphere at home. ” Try to pay attention to me in this story. Of course, sometimes I felt a little anxious. The fact that I was there too, may have hurt the development of their relationship because they were so uncomfortable with me. »

Remember, Patrice recently told us that he asked the production to quit the adventure before he was eliminated by the girls. Learn more here.