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Jude Law to star in the upcoming Star Wars series on Disney+

Jude Law to star in the upcoming Star Wars series on Disney+

Disney announced a new Star Wars TV series with actor Jude Law Thursday at a conference in California where no new feature films were discussed, as the entertainment giant focused on streaming.

Harrison Ford and Ewan McGregor appeared on stage in front of a crowd of enthusiasts in Anaheim, near Los Angeles, for “Celebration of Star Wars,” a conference held regularly every few years for the release of a new movie.

But the TV series dominated the opening show on Thursday night, as fans enjoyed clips from the upcoming series “Andor” and the third season, “The Mandalorian.”

Above all, Disney has confirmed the creation of the “Skeleton Crew” series, in which British star Jude Law will be played and directed by John Watts, director of the latest Spider-Man.

Describing the new series, John Watts said, “It’s the story of a group of 10-year-olds from a very young planet who are accidentally strayed into the Star Wars galaxy.”

The show began with the presence of Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen, who reprized their roles from the second film trilogy, released around 2000, for the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series.

Two episodes were scheduled to be previewed for fans on Thursday, a day before they were made available to everyone on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Disney bought Lucasfilm and its franchise for $4 billion in 2012 and immediately began production on the new trilogy and spin-off films ‘Solo’ and ‘Rogue One’, but has since scaled back its ambitions for the big screens.

The entertainment giant’s decision to focus more on TV series in particular is due to the low income from movie theaters, rather than the average reviews for the latest feature films, and above all the launch of the broadcast show.

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Disney+ has gained more than 130 million subscribers since its launch in 2019, much more than analysts expected.

“The Mandalorian” creator Jon Favreau has thanked Star Wars fans for their role in this feat. “It helped make Disney+ successful when it was in the beginning,” he said.

Jason Bourne screenwriter Tony Gilroy has announced that the new series, Andor, will premiere five years before Rogue One and will consist of two twelve-episode seasons.

Jon Favreau also noted that filming for “Ahsoka” has just begun with actress Rosario Dawson.

While Disney has three Star Wars features in the pipeline, slated to come out by Taika Waititi, Rian Johnson and Patti Jenkins, none of them were mentioned Thursday.

Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, told trade magazine Variety that there will be “a lot of opportunities” to show upcoming films at a later date.

Instead, the show ended with a performance by famous sheet music composer John Williams, who had an orchestra playing his soundtrack from the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series.

Harrison Ford paid tribute to John Williams, 90, who played the famous Han Solo.

“This music follows me everywhere I go…it was even playing through the speakers in the room where I had my last colonoscopy,” the actor laughed.

Harrison Ford, 79, says the fifth “Indiana Jones” movie is nearing completion and will air in June 2023.

Outside the Anaheim Convention Center, thousands of “Star Wars” fans crowded spotlights, posed for photos with their favorite robot or Jedi, and discussed the latest rumors about all those shows.

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The conference is scheduled to continue until Sunday in this city south of Los Angeles.