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JS Kabylie: Doumbia seduces Stamboli

JS Kabylie: Doumbia seduces Stamboli

According to an authorized source, financial international Jacob Doumbia has already succeeded in seducing coach Henry Stamboli. Having joined the team only a few days before the start of the second training that began in Algiers since last Monday, the former resident of Stade Malian managed in just a few days to gain the confidence of his coach.

Admittedly, he hasn’t played a game for the team yet, but from what he has shown in training, he has tremendous qualities and will be a centerpiece on the chessboard in the Canary Islands. The quality he shows is not surprising as he is considered one of the best defenders in Mali. It must also be said that the former yellow and green international, Idrissa Coulibaly, strongly advised ousted president Cherif Mellal to engage Yacouba Doumbia by telling him that he is a very good defender and that he will do everything in his power to catch. its services.

strong defense

According to our source, coach Stamboli is very satisfied with his defense, especially after the signing of right-back Osama Gital. Defense has been the team’s strong point over the past financial year, but despite the departures of Ait Abdeslam, Souad and Ben Sharifa, all of whom are indisputable, successor Denis Lavan told his captains he has a solid defence. Bouhaqeq, Benzed, Krum and Soumaya showed very good things in training, which reassured Stamboli. If the defenders confirm in official matches, then JS Kabylie’s defense will be a real wall for China in the upcoming trainings. It must also be said that the French coach is satisfied with his environment, despite the failure of negotiations with Haraj.

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Players sign bylaws

JS Kabylie officials did not wait until the end of the second phase to give the players procedural rules for their signature. In addition, new players signed performance contracts. As for the internal regulations, players are assured of their duties and rights. Leaders focused a lot on discipline, showing them that any disciplinary deviation would be severely punished.

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Boujnan today or tomorrow in Algiers

Still in Spain, JS Kabylie’s new physical coach Kamel Bougnane awaits today or tomorrow in Algiers. Having already agreed on everything with President Yazid Iration, the Avenger will sign his contract upon his arrival in Algeria before starting his mission with the Canary Islands.