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JS 3 - Watt 2: The Alternatives Revolution

JS 3 – Watt 2: The Alternatives Revolution

After two consecutive defeats against Valencia CRB and USM Alger, JS Kabylie was able to recover and reconnect with the road to victories with a solid yesterday evening with the formation of WAT with a score of three goals against two and in the framework of the update of the 27.NS Ligue 1 Mobilis Day.

In the absence of all the holders, in this case, Benbout, Crom, Ben Sharifa, Ait Abdel Salam, Souad, Raha, Ben Abedi, Ben Sayeh and Boulahia who were left to rest in anticipation of the League Cup final, the benches surprised everyone. with their performance. Ramdine’s comrades played without complications against a WAT ​​team made up of experienced players who went to Tizi Ouzou with the aim of besieging Kabylia and ensuring their maintenance in Ligue 1 Mobilis. Going back to the meeting side, the match was well-balanced during the first 20 minutes with some chances on both sides. We had to wait 25NS Minutes of playing to find out the first goal of the match. Ghanem takes a free kick from the right of the Sofi goalkeeper, and Nashira is interested in kicking it with the head of Tizi Bouali, who sends the ball into the net. Denis Lavani’s fillies dipped a bit during the remainder of the first half and opted for the counter-attack, but the rain in Nuzla and Bhopal was absent, and it was with this advantage to score a zero in favor of the building that the Arab referee sends the 22 representatives into the locker room. After the lemon break, the yellows and greens of JS Kabylie return to the field with greater determination. at 51NS A minute’s play, Ghanem overflows on the left side and center finds Bubal in the far corner which exacerbates the mark. A goal that saw the legs for Tlemcen one minute ago after the same file of Bubal from the offside line and Ghanem serves on the far post, which makes the addition difficult. Because of their self-respect, the visitors tried everything to get back to scoring, but neither Al-Samahi nor Al-Mazwani nor even Tawil materialized in the few opportunities available. El Amrani’s changes paid off in the second half, as his team scored two goals in the last ten minutes through Simahi in the 84th minute.NS And Misuani is at 90’+2. Haddouche’s comrades fight back during the remaining time and manage to keep the score until the final whistle. A precious victory for the island of Djurdjura a few days before the League Cup final against NC Magra.

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du 1 . stadiumHe is– November 1954

BTs: Tizi Bouali (25d), Albubal (51d), Ghanem (52d) JS Kabylie. Al-Samahi (84 d), Nizwani (90 d + 2) Watt.

JS Kabylie




Tizi Bouali

(Ben Bel Abbas 80′)



(Bunchloush 65′)



(Bwalya 58)


(Naït Salem 58′)


(Arfi 79′)


Ent. : Lavan.

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(Amiri 55′)


bin country

Lical 63′)



(Bellaribee 75′)

my night

(page 46)

Ent. : Amrani.

Hot weather, closed match, referees: Umm Arab, Bayoud and Ben Hamouda

Avoids. : Ben Belaid (36 d) What.