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Josh's battle occurred!

Josh’s battle occurred!

Hundreds of people called Josh from all over the United States gathered for a private battle this weekend in Nebraska.

Equipped with “pool noodles”, fight over which one deserves to keep their names!

The story began during the first shutdown last spring when a man named Josh Swain from Arizona decided to start a Facebook discussion group for everyone else on the social network.

Screen capture / CNN

He had called them into a fight on April 24, 2021 over who would keep their names.

He told KLKN, “I’m on social media and every time I just wanted to call myself my name, it was really picked up.”

One day I thought to myself: Now is the time, let’s solve this problem!

While the original battle was to collect only “Josh Swain”, the invitation finally reached all of the people called Josh.

They met over the weekend in a field in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Armed with barakat noodles and their mask, the COVID-19 pandemic requires, they were several hundred to “fight” for their names.

Four-year-old Josh Vinson Jr. is finally declared the winner of this unique battle.

He received a shield with his name and a burger king crown for the occasion.

“I’m sure he will remember this for the rest of his life,” his father told local media.

The organizer of this battle also used the opportunity to raise funds for several associations.

Participants were invited, for example, to bring in non-perishable data that was distributed to a food bank in Lincoln.

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A crowdfunding page has also opened, titled “Help Josh Swains Pay for Changing His Name”. Instead of that funny title there’s a campaign to donate money to Children’s Hospital of Nebraska.

“It’s not often that someone gets a chance to get a lot of people’s attention. I think it’s a good idea to divert that attention to worthy causes,” Josh Swain concluded.

“It’s crazy how the Internet can make something so silly, pretty.”