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Josh Anderson will represent Canada at the World Championships

Josh Anderson will represent Canada at the World Championships

Towards the end of the week, the World Championships will kick off in Finland. Several teams have revealed the composition of their lineup, but we’re still waiting to see what Canada will do.

It has been revealed. Obviously, the first thing you notice is that Josh Anderson will be representing his country for the second time in his career. He was also selected for the World Junior Championships in his final year in the Junior category.

Of the 24 players in uniform, Anderson is the only Canadian player who will represent the Flannel.

So he will play again on the orders of Claude Julien, whom he knew briefly at the start of the 2021 season before seeing Dominique Ducharme take his place in February 2021.

Several Canadian players (starting with Nick Suzuki and Brendan Gallagher) declined Canada’s invitation. It is not known if Joel Edmondson, for example, received a call.

He will not be the only Canadian player representing his country. Joel Jeremiah (Finland), Jordan Harris (USA) and potential Shawn Farrell (USA) will wear the uniforms for the tournament in Finland.

When you look at Canada’s list, you realize that the possibility of a medal is there. The club has talent.

Among the many, there are four Quebecers who can make a good impact. Pierre-Luc Dubois, Maxime Comtois and Nicolas Roy could have stood out, but I see defender Thomas Chabot making a very big impact on the ice.

There will be many influential players when you compare Canada’s roster with other teams. If he can give Josh Anderson, who has missed games this season, a chance to play competitive hockey, so much the better.

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Let’s hope he has a chance to finish his season well.

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