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Josh Anderson will be wanted

Josh Anderson will be wanted

It appears that Montreal Canadiens striker Josh Anderson is wanted by the National Hockey League.

According to Sportsnet journalist Elliot Friedman, several teams were cruising around the huge guy during their latest trade timeout.

“The problem, I think, was that the Canadians were greedy. He’s a good player, he’s under contract for a few more years and they’re not going to give it up,” the insider said on the ‘Oilers Now’ radio show.

And the Montreal Hockey Now media has gone even further She reported that Anderson is attracting interest from many organizations according to a high-ranking Bettman Tour team executive.

TSN journalist Pierre Lebrun also added his year by responding to a supporter on Twitter.

“The show must be big [pour qu’Anderson soit échangé], he wrote. The Canadians turned down serious offers before the March 21 deadline. From what I understand, Kent Hughes never mentioned it to his peers, but they kept asking about it.”

Acquired from the Columbus Blue Jackets for Max Dome in summer 2020, Anderson will complete the third year of a seven-year contract in 2022-2023, with an annual average of $5.5 million.

The 6-foot-3, 227-pound right winger scored 32 points, including 19 goals, in 69 games for the Canadians in 2021-22.

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