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Joselito Michod in mourning: “The man who made me suffer so much is no longer around!”

Joselito Michod in mourning: “The man who made me suffer so much is no longer around!”

Joselito Michaud revealed on social networks on Saturday very sad news.

my dad is dead.

The man who adopted me is not long gone.

The man who made me suffer so much, no longer! ‘, he says first.

He continues: ” The man who sowed fear in me

No longer. The man who shook the house with his tantrums and his equally painful words, is no longer around.

The man who took my beloved mother hostage and destroyed her from the inside out is gone.

The man who pretended to be blameless from the outside while putting us through hell in complete secrecy, is no longer around.

The man who came to pick me up from a host family, and whose first terrifying look at me literally attracted me, is no longer there.

I’ve waited 50 years for this guy to repent. He wanted to forgive me when I just wanted him to ask for my forgiveness by looking me straight in the eye.

He left without having the courage to do so.

May he ask forgiveness from above and have a smooth journey. No one deserves to suffer on their last journey. Not even him, even if he made us suffer so much.

Today, I will try to bring out the nuggets of memories, even the smallest and most benign ones so that my frightened soul may calm down. The fear of him coming and hurting me has always lived with me. Today, I find it hard to believe that he would disappear with him. Through his resounding fury, there was a pain of his own. Everyone has their own struggles and carries a lot.

I wish my father would apologize to my mother and my sister Lynn for taking the risk of meeting them there.

Go in peace. »

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Giuselito Michaud received several messages of condolence, including one from Marie-Andre Paulin who told him: “ My condolences, dear Joselito. Having recently lost my mother, I understand how it feels and I am with you with all my heart xxx 🙏🌸

Remember that Giuselito Michaud’s unpleasant childhood was described in the Oliver series.