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Jose Tudor and Jocelyn Tipo sympathize with Jonathan Drwin

Jose Tudor and Jocelyn Tipo sympathize with Jonathan Drwin

Wednesday, after CH announced that Jonathan Drouin is taking Leaving from the team for personal reasonsColleague and friend Philip Danault came to his defense. Without going into details of his absence, he remembered how difficult it was to play in Montreal.

Jose Tudor made his debut in the National League with the Canadian at a time when the team was not even full of talent.

In an interview with Roseline Fillion on the show all morning On air from ICI Première, Theo He keeps a positive aspect of his experience in front of the Bleu-blanc-rouge network.

Once you get to the big club, you’ll realize that it’s day in and day out, seven days a week. All people talk to you about hockey, they want to know what’s going on, and why we don’t win. Of course we have a lot of attention, a lot of pressure, but I think there is a way to turn stress into something positive. It helped me surpass myself personally2002 Hart and Vizina Prize winner said.

Explain that he had to learn to reconcile ups and downs, times of overt adulation like when half of the population is willing to trade with you.

When things go well, you benefit, but you try not to be too high, and when things go wrong, you won’t be too low and you’ll be depressed too. So I found a middle. When things were less good, of course, I took out less, and maybe more reserved to myself. But I managed to work hard twice until I get back in everyone’s favor.

Quote from:Jose Tudor, former goalkeeper of the Montreal Canadiens team

Jose Tudor realizes that as a Canadian player, you cannot act in any way. He believes the fans are more accommodating when the team wins.

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Regardless of [Carey] Price, that [Jonathan] Derwin, if they go out to the clubs they can do whatever they want, but if they do on the ice then everyone will be happy, He argued.

He is seen as evidence of the fact that Pierre Turgon requested to be traded shortly after his arrival with the Canadian because he found the pressure too strong.

Other guys, like me, like Vincent Dambus, play in Montreal, I just loved it. It made me better myself. I knew what to expect, too. If I didn’t perform, I expected to be booed, and it was up to me to get out of it. Sooner or later all good things come to an end. Patrick Roy It was traded, and me too.

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Wednesday afternoon, at the parade Strongly back Animation by Matthew Beaumont in Sherbrooke, Jocelyn Thibaut went there from his observations of what Jonathan Drouin might be facing.

For him, too, the pressure is real and it’s not just on the shoulders of Quebecers.

We’ve only been thinking about Shea Weber for the past few weeks. Carrie Price has had her share of cash in the past. In fact, for French speakers, it adds an extra layer, He emphasized the person who had an overwhelming mission to succeed Patrick Roy, who was swapped against him.

Jocelyn Thibaut in Montreal in 1997

Photo: Getty Images / Robert Laberge

Whoever owns it now Phoenix de Sherbrooke In the Quebec junior hockey league, it is believed that social media is like a booster.

I didn’t know the days of social media. Luckily. I have a lot of sympathy for professional athletes and not just Canadian players who are now living their careers. Social media takes pressure to another level and it’s tough for athletes, especially in Montreal.

Quote from:Jocelyn Thibaut is a former goalkeeper for the Montreal Canadiens

Thibault believes gamers do not read or hear everything that is said about them in the media. But he admits that they cannot ignore the general impression that appears around them.

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You never know there is a bad one energy Around you or from this player. Players are in a bubble, but not that much. Even if you haven’t read newspaper articles about yourself, you have a FeelingJust about the questions that you get asked every dayExplained.

For Jocelyn Thibault, it goes without saying that the pressure is even greater on whom he calls them Game variablesGoalkeepers, players who must regularly score and collect points.

For fourth grade players who Degrees Two goals a year, it’s okay. You don’t have that pressure to score every night, to get numbers, to win every night. You don’t have that pressure when you are a secondary player, He continued.

For him, the pressure is stronger as a Francophone and more so as a player with an important role.

I think playing for the Canadian for the Francophone is something that needs to be done in his life. It is something that distinguishes you. I hope so on everyone. Every player is different.

Vincent Dambus, his travel companion, remembers on planes and buses.

Vincent listened to the open classes the whole time. He didn’t mind, I thought it was funny. Now with social media it’s different. There are players who have a bigger shell than others. I will not tell anyone francophone not to register in Montreal. See Danault. He probably wouldn’t have landed his career if he hadn’t just signed in MontrealTipo concluded.

Jonathan Drouin.

Jonathan Drouin

Photo: Getty Images / Christian Petersen

Before wrapping up, Jose Tudor talked about an amateur’s perception between salary and a player’s performance. In this sense, it is believed that Canada’s general manager, Mark Bergevin, offended Drouin.

I think we could have avoided that if Bergvin hadn’t given him the big contract when he left, even before he scored with the Canadians. This is not the player’s fault. Other than that, quite often, in Montreal, we evaluate the salaries that they’re getting, and Jonathan Drouin, we look at his 6 million salary. [5,5 M$ sur la masse salariale de l’équipe, NDLR], And he expects to score 20-30 goals.

Quote from:Jose Theodore

But the reality, Tudor continued, is that we’re, at the moment, expecting a lot from Jonathan Drwin, and it’s up to him to find the middle.

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If Jonathan was listening [l’émission]It’s still a game, and we’re very fortunate to get paid to play hockey. We’re having fun, and I can tell you I’m retired, but I’ll pay to go back to my years in Montreal. You should benefit when it passes.

(With information from Roseline Fillion and Mathieu Beaumont)