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Jordan Harris is disqualified in USA win

Jordan Harris thinks fans should be ‘really excited’

During the Montreal Canadiens Junior Championships, we were able to assess the progress of the young team’s players. What we remember, above all, is that the club’s defense was in control and that the future on the Blue Line was rosy.

Youngsters Jordan Harris, Arber Chicage, Justin Barron, and Kayden Gohley were impressed with their performances on the ice. Bring every one of them Game The next level, which is exciting for the fan club.

And the players are aware of that. The men took to the ice at Broussard this afternoon around 1 p.m. and spoke to the media afterwards, and what came out of it was the following point: Children Confident of the future.

Very confident, even.

I’ll let you read the quote that Jordan Harris gave earlier today, which was given by my country Lover And colleague Kevin Vale:

“Fans must be really excited.” – Jordan Harris

I love that. Oh how I love that!

It’s fun to watch honestly. Young people are excited about the coming years and this has an impact on the confidence of all of them. If they knew they could become one of the best defensive teams in the league and made an effort to become one, it would.

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This appears to be the case now.

I’m not saying that the CH blue streak will be the best in the NHL in two, three, or even five years. But we have to admit that things are going in the right direction and that we can look to the future in Montreal.

By the way, this is the important thing. Now let’s see how the players will react when the season begins, the pressure is on board and there is less room for error.

Many of

Unbelievable, same thing.

Did you know that Jordan Harris’ father was of African American descent?

– It doesn’t really surprise me.

– Can he do it?

– why not!