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Jonathan Drouin says he should be ready for bootcamp

Jonathan Drouin says he should be ready for bootcamp

It’s Jonathan Drouin’s turn to speak to the media in the early afternoon, live from Brossard.

The Quebec striker explained that rehabilitation after his wrist injury is going well. He is expected to be ready for boot camp in September, and back on the ice during the summer in order to arrive at his best.

When asked about his future in Montreal, the winger made it clear that he feels good here and that he wants to help the team, especially with the new style of play being played.

When Darwin is in good shape, he doesn’t usually have a problem with production, but health is key in his condition. In the past three seasons, he has played only 34, 44 and 27 matches.

If not bought or traded, it will be very interesting to see how Quebec performs under Martin St Louis. The latter showed that he leaves much more room than his predecessors for talented attackers (such as Darwin).

Will we finally see Jonathan Drouin dress up as Canadians?

Remember, he has only one year ($5.5 million) left on his contract. So he will absolutely have to prove to the Habs and other NHL clubs that he can stay healthy.

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– Drouin also talked about how important Jay LaFleur is to him.

– He also provided more specific details about the course of his injury.

Brendan Gallagher’s words were very good to Caufield.

Romanov will stay in North America this summer.

– It’s good to hear that! Remember that Romanov becomes FRG this summer.