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Jolin-Barrette wants to stop the growth of English-speaking CEGEPs

Jolin-Barrette wants to stop the growth of English-speaking CEGEPs

The Minister in charge of French, Simon-Jolin-Barrett, proposes halting the growth of the network of English language colleges.

On Wednesday evening, he submitted an amendment to Bill 96 aimed at limiting the capacity of the network of English language colleges to 30,834 places. “We are freezing the number of places,” he told the Culture and Education Committee.

Anglophone CEGEPs will welcome 14.2% of all students in 2029-2030, but 11.2% of all students in 2039-2040, according to government projections. “We do not underestimate the number of places in the English-speaking network,” said Mr Jolin-Barrette Wednesday evening, before postponing the discussion on his amendment.

In its first version, Bill 96 proposed limiting the potential for growth in places in English CEGEPs to a maximum of 8.7% of new places in the entire college network. Suggested action [mercredi soir] It will quickly reverse the historical trend of the decline of the French-speaking network and the promotion of French as the regular language of higher education in Quebec,” the government asserts.

The Minister responsible for the French language also amended Bill 96, on the recommendation of the Liberal Party of Quebec, to “make the successful completion of at least three French-language courses conditional on the acquisition of the Diploma of Studies (DEC) for students enrolled in a program offered in English”. The minister’s office indicated that “these three courses must be specific to the curricula, and they may not be the language of instruction, the second language, and physical education courses.”

Mr. Jolin-Barrette also indicated that he wanted, by means of Bell 96, to impose a standardized French test on students in the network of English-speaking colleges, except for those declared qualified to teach English in primary and secondary schools. In addition to limiting the potential for growth in places in CEGEPs in English. “What we’re proposing will really change the face of college-wide teaching,” he said.

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No to Law 101 in College

Pascal Peruby painted a blank on Wednesday in the Salon des lips of the Hôtel du Parlement. MP PQ tried to persuade Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette to amend Bill 96 to apply the French language charter to university education, but to no avail.

“I accuse this government of not helping a language in danger, no less,” Pascal Biroby launched in the Parliamentary Committee.

The official-elect introduced an amendment to Bill 96 on Wednesday stating that “university education shall be in French, except for those entitled to it,” that is, children whose father or mother received primary education in English in Canada.

According to him, the decline of French in Quebec means that the doors of English-speaking CEGEPs are closed to French-speaking and Alophones. “This government, which has asked us to listen to the science, and who has told us they always listen to the science, will choose not to look frankly at the numbers by saying, ‘More structural measures, we will not go forward, because there may be a political cost to pay,’” MNA expressed about Sorry for Matan Matabidia.

Representatives of the Avenir Quebec Alliance and the Liberal Party of Quebec and Quebec Solidere in turn opposed the idea of ​​subordinating the CEGEPs to Bill 101.

Pascal Biroubi said he regretted seeing Simon Jolin Barrett – suspected of belonging to the “increasingly dilapidated wing of the homophobic CAQ” – “pass [r] Next to the story with his “Not Chubby” bill. He sees this as a “shameful capitulation” on the part of the “nationalists” to François Legault’s team.

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