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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine May Face Same Limitations of AstraZeneca | Corona Virus

The interview took place at all morning, President CCNIDr. Caroline Koch explained that the committee has not yet issued its recommendations for the sake of coherence.

Recommendations were made, but they haven’t been published yet because we really waited for the vaccine to be available in Canada so we could launch it.Dr Caroline Coach said.

We know that with these vaccines there is always data to come up when they are used, so we didn’t want to make recommendations and then change them.

It is completely possible That the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is subject to similar recommendations to those it makes CCNI Introduction regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine, as the same types of blood clots can occur.

Monitor clot-related data

According to Dr. Koch, who is citing available data from the United States, the incidence of thrombosis in relation to the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 1 case per 500,000 doses.

So far, Americans have administered about 8 million doses of this vaccine and 15 cases of blood clots have been recorded.

Public health authorities imposed an 11-day break in its use in order to judge its safety. They did it again Looking at the green light Johnson & Johnson vaccine last Friday.

Dr. Kouache explained that we will conduct a risk-benefit analysis by comparing the risks of admission to intensive care for COVID versus the risk of developing a blood clot with admission to intensive care. A bit of the same exercise as we did with AstraZeneca to make a recommendation afterwards.

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It’s a vaccine that has less use at the moment, so we’ll have to see data that will continue to emerge from the United States over the next few weeks.

A practical and effective vaccine

In Canada, she also said, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should start in early May, which is a good time to unfreeze doses and ship them to the provinces.

The effectiveness of this single-dose vaccine is approximately 85% one month after vaccination. According to the head of the CCNI, It introduces prof Good efficiency Against the variant found in South Africa, about 70%, and a Excellent efficiency Against the variant that originated in Brazil.

Dr. Quach believes that the fact that it requires a single dose should allow public health to effectively immunize specific populations.

For demographics that we are most difficult to reach or that we tend to miss along the way, play is definitely important.