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Joe Biden in Georgia to sell his ambitious reforms

Joe Biden in Georgia to sell his ambitious reforms

The first stop on this tour invited by the White House Get America back on the right trackIt was conducted in Georgia, prof The state was the first Democrat to win in 28 years. The demographically shifting country, which had been a Republican stronghold for decades, was, too It gave the Democrats control of the Senate to the extremePrevious January.

I had never been this optimistic about America’s future before. America is moving againAt the end of his less than hour-long speech, he released the echo of his speech on Wednesday.

Biden’s speech, delivered to motorists crowded in Duluth, a suburb of Atlanta that is so ethnically diverse, began around 6 pm EST.

In the wake of the previous day’s plea to elected officials from both houses of Congress, Joe Biden praised the results of his first three months, which have focused largely on managing the pandemic, especially Vaccination campaign And the adoption of a broad rescue plan for the American economy.

Thanks to the election of Georgian Senators Raphael Warnock and John Usov, who narrowly returned control of the Senate to the Democrats, in January, President Biden was able to pass his economic stimulus plan, without a single Republican support. He did not fail to confirm.

We owe a special thanks to the people of Georgia. Because of you, the rest of America was able to get the help you got, Knock. So if you’ve been wondering if elections could make a difference, remember what you did when you voted for us. You have changed America.

Georgia promises to be one of the main countries during the 2022 and 2024 election meetings.

Bet on a more interventionist government, Joe Biden repeated his plea in his favor Infrastructure plan, Which was revealed last month, and its new plan is for families.

We need to invest in the things our families care about and need the most.

Quote from:Joe Biden, President of the United States

The first will, according to the White House, create millions of jobs while making it possible to combat climate change. The second is expanding the social safety net, with things like free access to preschool and some community colleges, financial assistance for childcare, and reduced health insurance premiums for people who participate in Obamacare. In addition to creating a paid sick leave program and a family leave program.

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His message: These plans, which are very bold and reform, are designed to help the less fortunate and the middle class, and the government, which a large segment of the American population resists, can work for the benefit of its citizens.

Tax the rich to boost growth

Economic growth would be better guaranteed by taxing the well-off, emphasized Biden, who the day before had challenged the runoff theory (The economy is gushing downDear Republicans.

The doctrine of former Republican President Ronald Reagan, in the 1980s, this theory favors tax cuts for the wealthy to encourage them to pour money into the economy in order to do so. Water runoff For the poor.

It is time for the wealthy and corporations to start paying their fair share. It’s that easyMartell, Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, he had already stressed that his reforms would be funded by higher corporate taxes and wealthier Americans, and insisted that no American earning less than $ 400,000 a year would see their tax increase.

Together, the two plans to continue rebuilding the US economy will add the $ 3.8 trillion to the $ 1.9 trillion that Congress has already authorized for Recovery plan Linked to the epidemic.

The sums were denounced by Republicans, who loudly waved the threat of tax increases, and even more conservative Democrats, such as West Virginia Senator Joe Mansheen, criticized them.

Senator Roy Blunt, a member of the Republican leadership, said that the new plans put forward by President Biden would raise the role of the state and spending to Another level.

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The fate of Mr. Biden’s new initiatives in Congress, where Democrats have a slim majority, whether in the House or in the Senate, is rife with pitfalls, hence his efforts to rally public opinion.

During his Wednesday speech, Joe Biden also claimed that they would help bring down Systematic racismA powerful message to a portion of the electorate in Georgia, where a third of citizens are African American.

Joe Biden’s visit to that state also came the day after federal justice charged three white men for hate crimes and attempted kidnapping against Ahmed Arberry, a black man killed last year while racing. Georgia already has them For murder.

Georgia, the epicenter of the struggle for the right to vote

Supporters of President Biden showed support for his policies.

Photo: REUTERS / Evelyn Hoxstein

Joe Biden also called for protection of the right to vote, an issue he raised on Wednesday.

You have seen what happened here in Georgia with the laws of your state. It is simply a mistake. wrong. That’s why we need to pass federal voting rights laws, He argued.

Georgia’s Republican-majority legislature, citing election fairness, tightened controls over the identity of voters who vote by mail.

In Georgia and other countries, supporters of these measures cite baseless allegations of massive electoral fraud waged by former President Donald Trump after the presidential election last November.

Le texte promulgué par le gouverneur républicain de Georgie, Brian Kemp, interdit aussi de distribuer de l’eau ou des vivres dans les longues files d’attente les jours de vote, et a restreint le nombre d’urnes installées dans la rue pour déposer Flyers.

Democrats, but also civil rights activists and even a hundred companies, such as Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, accuse Republicans of restricting minorities, especially the African American community, to the polls.

They compare its provisions to restrictions imposed by apartheid laws that many southern states introduced after the Civil War to limit blacks’ suffrage.

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In protest, the Major League Baseball (MLB) championships were held They took their all-star game, Which was scheduled for July 13 in Atlanta, and the director of the film Release, Dedicated to the history of slavery in the United States and starring Will Smith, A. Choose another location.

The president’s own speech was also targeted by protesters protesting the Border and Immigration Services (ICE) and demanding an end to private prisons, interrupting him for a short period in the first few minutes.

Finish your reservation now And the Abolissez l’ICEThey shouted. After being silent for the first time several times, Joe Biden told them: I’m working on it! Give me five more days.

to me Washington PostThen the president turned to the crowd: Friends, you all know what they’re talking about. There should be no private prisons, this period. Nothing, point.

Meeting of the 39th and 46th Presidents

Prior to the gathering, President Biden visited one of his Democratic predecessors Jimmy Carter from that state.

according to The Atlanta Constitution GazetteThe meeting lasted about forty minutes.

The former White House tenant elected in 1976, now 96, was unable to attend the convention Inauguration ceremony From his old friend, in January, due to concerns about his age and COVID-19.

After Georgia, Joe Biden will travel to Pennsylvania and Virginia over the next few days.

Many administrative officials will also accompany their pilgrims in order to obtain support for the two plans among residents and to enhance the achievements of the first 100 days. The Biden administration tour will last about ten days and take participants to a dozen states.

During the day, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, visiting in particular a vaccination center.