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JK Rowling is going to flip!  |  Montreal Magazine

JK Rowling is going to flip! | Montreal Magazine

Remember when the Harry Potter author objected that we were talking about “menstruating women” instead of “women”?

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Well, I'm sure JK Rowling will be horrified to hear about the recent Canadian Cancer Society publication referring to “anterior hole” as a reasonable and acceptable alternative to “uterus.”

Aren't you starting to get tired of these invented words that deny biology?

I'm not a hole!

We still live in a strange time…and all the media and institutions are subject, one after another, to sirens.

Post columnist il quebec Who talks about “people with a womb” after DrDr Theresa Tam talking about “the pregnant person,” we are now entitled to an extra degree of surrealism in redefining what a woman is.

On its website, regarding cancer screening, CCS asks a very strange question: “As a trans man or nonbinary person assigned female at birth, do I need cervical cancer screening?”

The SCC's answer seems clear to me, almost a truism: “Anyone with a cervix can get cervical cancer.”

Just because you feel like a man doesn't mean that makes your uterus disappear. Just because you don't identify with intersex doesn't mean you don't have a uterus. You either have one or you don't (or you no longer have one if you removed it).

But the passage that surprised many individuals, with or without a uterus, was the warning issued by the Supreme Constitutional Court at the end of its screening page.

“We recognize that many trans men and non-binary people may have ambivalent feelings towards terms such as ‘cervix’, or find that they do not really suit them. They may prefer other terms, for example ‘anterior opening’. We recognize the limited nature of the terminology Which we use, but we chose it for simplicity “Also, the reason we use terms like 'cervix' is because we want to normalize the fact that men can also have these parts of the body.”

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The Supreme Constitutional Court is about to apologize for talking about the womb! We don't want to offend people who might prefer the phrase “front hatch”? Front hole? You have no idea how angry this name is! And don't tell me to calm down my ovaries!

There are still limits to obscuring women's biological reality to please an innumerable minority.

Old game?

I really wonder what JK Rowling would think of that peripheral phrase used by the SCC: “a non-binary person assigned female at birth.”

In the old days, we called her “woman.”