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Jimmy Jean has been appointed Chief Economist of the Desjardins Group

Jimmy Jean has been appointed Chief Economist of the Desjardins Group

I had read it, heard it, and sometimes saw it when commenting on economic news on our platform. He did the same in the financial press, Wall Street Journal Especially.

Jimmy Jean succeeds Francois Dupuy who is stepping down after 33 years of service.

In the past, he has also worked at Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, in Moody’s Analytics And RBC Capital Markets, as well as Statistics Canada. He studied economics at HEC Montreal and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification.

The interview took place at Economic region, On the ICI RDI, Mr. Jin felt it Having people from various backgrounds in Quebec in jobs like this is very interesting; Today I am very proud to be representing this movement. I am not the first in Canada’s financial institutions, and I feel I will not be the last.

I’m here to show people of diverse backgrounds that it is possible, when you work at it, and that people believe in us.

Quote from:Jimmy Jean, Vice President and Chief Economist, Desjardins

Mr. Jean also emphasized that his profession It is often about finding answers, And that the services of economists are often more needed in times of crisis, as is the case at present, with the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are goals to enlighten our members and clients in this perspective to better understand, to better locate the position … How this next cycle will be [économique] Will it happen? We live in a completely atypical crisis, and the recovery will also be completely extraordinary. I cannot say there is a better time for economists to work, given the intellectual challenges in understanding this new environment., He continued.

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However, according to the statements of Mouvement Desjardins’ chief economist, the Canadian recovery could prove to be stronger than the one recorded in the US, a country that has not yet suffered from confinement like the one that has passed through the Canadians. .

This year, 6.3% growth is expected in Canada. In the United States, it is about 7%. We are used to seeing this data for economies like China, like India, but we’re talking about developed countries.

Mr Jean indicated again that the challenge for 2022 will be to restore lost jobs in the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

He said that around October of next year, the Bank of Canada could raise its benchmark interest rate, which could lead to higher interest rates.

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