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Complete News World - Direct February 20: The end of the inner mask in mid-March? – Direct February 20: The end of the inner mask in mid-March?

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1pm – Olivier Veran plans to finish the inner mask within a month

See the collapse of the Omicron موجة wave “The Minister of Health announced before the LCI-RTL-Le Figaro Grand Jury,”
As well as reducing the health burden ‘. So he thinks: That by mid-March, sanitary conditions will allow us to remove the mask from the inside and all or part of the vaccination card “.But the minister refused to set a date for March 15th, adhering to only the period estimated at the present time.” in the middle of March As for the fourth potion, he made it conditional on the emergence of a new species.

12 PM – Long Covid: The effect of antihistamines

A case report published in the Journal of Nursing
Journal of Nurse Practitioners Describes two long-running Covid cases that responded to management”
Over-the-counter antihistamines With significant improvement in symptoms. ” Future studies are warranted to understand the potential role of histamine in the pathogenesis of long Covid disease and to explore the clinical benefits of antihistamines in the treatment of long Covid disease. say the authors.

It’s 11 a.m. – the British want ‘ Living with the virus

Boris Johnson is set to unveil a new strategy against Covid on Monday that will consist of moving to an endemic phase of the pandemic. This should include the end of isolation of positive cases and free testing.

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10:30 a.m. – End of the pandemic: BioNTech’s CEO is booked…

Ugur Şahin, General Manager of BioNTech, spoke about Covid. For him, we are far from overheard, and we have to get used to living with COVID-19 for a long time now. He says he is convinced that other variants, more dangerous than Omicron, will emerge in the coming months. ” We have to accept that we have to live ten more years with the virus Pessimistic seal.

10 a.m. Freedom Caravan: Ottawa evacuation continues

And the police, who were deployed by hundreds in the streets of the Canadian federal capital, announced that they had arrested more than 100 people and pulled out about twenty cars. Despite the long face-to-face confrontations, there were no clashes and no casualties. One incident, however, involved the mounted police who continued their way while two protesters were on the ground, but the mounted police denied “running over” these protesters, claiming that one of them threw a bicycle at them.

9:30 a.m. – Anti-pass movement: weak mobilization

On the new Saturday of demonstrations, only 23,800 people gathered to protest health measures, including 3,600 in Paris, according to the Interior Ministry, which has identified 162 measures.

9 am – France: a sharp deterioration in the hospital

According to data from Public Health France, we calculate:

– 76,638 new cases (compared to 118,611 on February 13);
– 1018.4/100,000 occurrence rate (versus 1780.9/100,000 on Feb. 6);
– 25.5% test-positive rate (versus 30.3% on February 6);
– 28,632 people were hospitalized due to Covid-19 (- 2890 people in one week compared to – 1505 in the previous week);
– 2,918 people in critical care (- 406 this week vs. -253 the previous week);
– 136,594 died since March 1, 2020 (1646 in one week).

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8:00 AM – Update of the situation in the world

According to the latest statistics published by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, since the beginning of the epidemic, 423,320,279 cases of COVID-19 have been identified worldwide, which have contributed to 5,882,870 deaths. Over the past four weeks, the countries hardest hit by Covid were, in terms of the number of infections, the United States (79,44951), France (5,880,476) and Germany (4,888,641) and in the number of deaths. United States (66,329 dead), India (22494) and Brazil (21004).