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Jeremy Hansen will orbit the moon: ‘I want Canadians to be proud’

Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen has been selected to participate in NASA’s Artemis 2 mission, a dream come true for him, who hopes to use the opportunity to inspire his country.

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In an interview with LCN, the astronaut was still struggling to make sense of what was happening to him.

He will be the first astronaut from a country other than the United States to go into what is called deep space.

“Ever since I was little,” he said, “I’ve thought about missions like this in space.” We’re going to go around the moon, it would be incredible to me, but the most important thing is that today I was very proud of Canada, to hear the United States talk about Canada being such an important member of this crew and such a great membership. Space team.

Mr. Hansen learned of the news during a phone call from Lisa Campbell, head of the Canadian Space Agency.

This call has the effect of changing his daily life at least until November 2024, the scheduled departure date of Artemis 2.

“I will have a full schedule. We will work with a great team to find solutions to the problems and challenges of Artemis,” he says. We will work together to determine how to divide all the roles.

He will still take the time to share his experience with young people across the country.

Jeremy Hansen explains: “It’s something important to me. I want Canadians to be proud of this opportunity and realize that if we have big goals and work together, we can achieve amazing things.”

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The astronaut also had a clue about his fellow Quebecers and Canadians during the announcement.

He considers his colleagues to be family.

“It’s really important for us as a team of 4 CSA astronauts to always have a supportive role for everyone,” he says. For me, I’m proud of them because they were there today, last night, and I feel like we’re still a great team.”

Mr. Hansen will now be busy meeting his colleagues, with whom preparations for their departure will begin.

Watch Jeremy Hansen’s interview in the video above