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Jeremy Gabriel drops lawsuit against Mike Ward

Jeremy Gabriel drops lawsuit against Mike Ward

In the video, the young man says he was only 13 years old when he butt jokes about Mike Ward for the first time. Now he’s 26, he says he wants to put this story behind him.

At the same time, Jeremy Gabriel assures that he does not regret what happened. He says he wants to hear about what he’s been through in recent years. He has also stated that he does not want Mike Ward nor is he against free speech for comedians.

The $288,000 civil lawsuit was filed by Jeremy Gabriel in January 2022 for defamation. His mother, Sylvie Gabriel, still has a similar procedure in progress, for $84,600.

We can’t wait for you to finishsays attorney Mike Ward

Mae Genevieve Gray, who represents Mike Ward, learned about Jeremy Gabriel’s intention to end his lawsuit through the media.

Therefore, the lawyer confirms that the case has not been officially concluded. But we can’t wait for it to end, yeah confirmed. For his part, the comedian did not want to comment.

The quarrel between Jeremy Gabriel and Mike Ward, which had its origin in a series of jokes made by the comedian on his show. Mike Ward exposes himself (2010-2013), a major debate on freedom of expression in Quebec.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Mike Ward in 2021, arguing that he did not mock Jeremy Gabriel because of his disability, but because he is a public figure.