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Jennifer Lopez is angry at a guest at her wedding... Kris Jenner denies that Scott Disick is "ecclesiastical"...

Jennifer Lopez is angry at a guest at her wedding… Kris Jenner denies that Scott Disick is “ecclesiastical”…

August 29, 2022

Halsey performed at the Leeds Festival despite food poisoning

“I don’t know how I’m still alive.” And so on Halsey He summed up his last gig at the Leeds Festival, UK. The singer has already taken the microphone and is suffering from wicked food poisoning!

As explained in a Instagram Stories The day after her performance, Saturday morning, she doesn’t remember it very well. “I’ve played gigs before in horrible conditions, but last night was the worst. I felt like I was on Jupiter constantly. Thank you for being so cool and letting me do whatever I can to survive the concert! She writes thanks to the festival’s medical team. This little disappointment didn’t stop him.” of reading performance the next day.

Jennifer Lopez gets angry at a guest at her wedding

Kris Jenner denies ‘kicking’ Scott Disick out of the Kardashian clan

In the Kardashian family, it is the woman who takes the lead. And now this is Kourtney the eldest Married Travis ParkerMany fans are wondering why Scott Disickher ex-husband and father of her three children, does not exist in their lives new offer on Disney+. From there to charge Kris Jennerthe mother, who “disenfranchised” her daughter-in-law, there is only one step … was taken, and prompted the mother manager to respond.

“Scott will never be expelled from our family… He is the father of my grandchildren and has a special place… We love him and (what was said) is wrong!”, to writing Kris Jenner on Instagram.