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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, honeymoon pictures in Milan

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, honeymoon pictures in Milan

It is impossible to stay in Milan without going through the legendary Via Monte Napoleon. Jennifer Lopez And the Ben Affleck She was no exception to the rule and was photographed Thursday, side by side, in the heart of Italian luxury. Newly married, the lovebirds gave themselves a romantic break as a duo, immortalized by the paparazzi. For the occasion, the 53-year-old singer opted for an “all-white look”, which consisted of a white hat, pants, and a camisole. For his part, the 50-year-old actor wore jeans and a blue shirt.

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On August 20, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck said “yes,” surrounded by their families and friends, just weeks after sealing their love. in Las Vegas In an intimate and spontaneous ceremony. The second weddings took place at the director’s estate, in Raysboro, Georgia. A very important place for the couple, the stars were supposed to swipe the ring on their finger after their first engagement in 2002. They announced their separation a year later, throwing their romantic dreams into oblivion.

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