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Jennifer Aniston responds to criticism

Jennifer Aniston responds to criticism

Jennifer Aniston has come under fire after saying that she doesn’t want to be friends with vulnerable people.

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The “Friends” star revealed this week that she has stopped seeing some people because they haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19, which has raised eyebrows on social media.

One netizen in particular wrote: “If she’s vaccinated, why bother with the unvaccinated people around her?”

Annoyed, the main interested party replied in an Instagram story: “Because if you have the replacement, you can still send it to me. I might get a mild illness, but I won’t be hospitalized or die. But I can pass it on to someone else who has not been vaccinated and is healthy. Bad. So I can put their lives in danger. That’s why I’m afraid, I care about others and not just myself.”

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In an interview with InStyle earlier this week, the actress said there was still a “large group of people against the purge.”

“This week, I just broke up with a few people who refused or did not disclose whether they had been vaccinated or not, and that was unfortunate. I think it is your moral and professional duty to beware, because not all of us are tested every day. It is difficult. Because everyone has a right to their own opinion – but many opinions seem not to be based on anything other than fear or propaganda.”