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Jenna Ortega's sequel to the cult film arrives ahead of Season 2 on Wednesday

Jenna Ortega's sequel to the cult film arrives ahead of Season 2 on Wednesday

While waiting for the triumphant return to Netflix in Season 2 of Wednesday, And the long-awaited, Jenna Ortega will be in the cinema in September. She will star in the sequel to the famous film directed by Tim Burton.

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We understood it well, Wednesday It won't return until at least 2025. The Netflix series was delayed due to a strike by writers and actors last year. Cast and crew schedules require coordination to be able to create a continuation of the Addams Girl's adventures with Little Onion. Jenna Ortega, in particular, is very busy. Ever since his appearance in the first season of the hit Netflix series, all the directors have been chasing him. If we see it in Sixth scream And in Miller girlRecently, she remains loyal to Tim Burton, one of my managers Wednesday. The director offered him an optional role in the sequel to his famous 1980s film, Beetlejuice. Feature film expected in cinemas from September 4, 2024.

in BeetlejuicespitlejuiceJenna Ortega is following in Winona Ryder's footsteps

Warner Bros. Studios has unveiled a new trailer for the film, which has a sobering title BeetlejuicespitlejuiceSaturday, May 25. We understand that Winona Ryder, known as Lydia Deetz in the film, is passing the baton of her fight against Beetlejuice to her daughter Astrid, played by Jenna Ortega. One second is enough to summon Satan from the dead. And the girl will very quickly realize that there is a whole world to which she has never been able to reach.

New actors come in to enhance the original casting Beetlejuice

The original cast of Beetlejuice She agreed to return for this long-awaited sequel, with Tim Burton. I have to say that for some, it was this strange 1988 feature film that launched their career. So Catherine O'Hara, Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder appear on screen again to play Delia Dietz, Beetlejuice himself, and Lydia Dietz. But this time, the monster is married to Delores, played by the excellent Monica Bellucci. Willem Dafoe plays a former underworld police officer, while Danny DeVito plays an underworld janitor.

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