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Jeffrey Gecker’s Farewell to Espace Libre in Three Pieces

I am very pleased to present, accompany, and champion this final season of The Geoffrey Gaquère Show, a program that takes a unique look at the world, in which artists of all generations undertake to dissect the relationship between individual, group, and community through truly authentic. suggestionshe said in a statement.

Here are three proposals for plays to put on the agenda.

Crossing the centurySeptember 2

It’s hard to ignore Crossing the centurya 12-hour river adaptation of the works of Michel Tremblay by Alice Ronvard, which will be presented on September 2 at Espace Libre.

This theatrical marathon, which tells the story of Quebec through the journey of three main characters in the work of the playwright (Victoire, Albertine and Therese), took the form of a reading presented last summer in Free Space. Creation is also featured in a 40-episode podcast series split into six chapters.

Espace Libre is one of seven Montreal theaters that have heeded Alice Ronvard’s somewhat insane appeal, inviting audiences to spend an entire day in the world of Michel Tremblay. The play is performed by a cast of about twenty actresses.

“Crossing the Century,” by Alice Ronvard, as adapted into a podcast for Radio Kanda Ohio.

Image: free space

eroticafrom November 21 to December 9

After a full house last season, erotica : consensual sexual articles, They returned to the boards of directors of Espace Libre.

This series of erotic paintings, alternating between the fun and the taboo, featured three women – Marie-Christine Simoneau, Catherine Desjardins-Beland and Eliane Bonin. If it has been presented in seven different versions since 2005, this year we can expect to rediscover the 2022 version of the work. The performers explain that they felt the need to revisit their scenes and reach a wider audience.

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The play is reserved for adults and insiders, and presents scenes of full nudity.

We see an actress open a door to emptiness.  The photo is black and white.

Les érotisseries offers an exploration of eroticism without embarrassment or taboos.

Image: free space

Donkey sisterfrom February 20 to March 2

Espace Libre also promises heartwarming comedies by Yves Jacques and Mathieu Quesnel, a duo of actors who are sympathetic on life as on boards.

Donkey sister It tells the story of two men who find themselves roommates in a small apartment. Despite an early relationship marked by judgment and scorn, the duo are more alike than they might think, despite the 30 years that separate the two men.

The same passion for music, the same nasal laughter… Will they succeed in overcoming their stubbornness and discovering each other?

Actor's photo.

Yves Jacques answers Mathieu Quesnel in “The Donkey Sisters”.

Photo: Radio Canada/Eric Caro

Espace Libre’s full programming for the 2023-2024 season, which includes 11 plays, can be viewed on its website. (A new window).