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Jeff Petrie is having a terrible season

Jeff Petrie is having a terrible season

Defender Jeff Petrie continued his poor season this weekend by drawing the attention of journalists and Montreal Canadiens supporters questioning the reasons for the poor performance.

With a four-year contract worth $25 million, the 33-year-old looked nothing like a skater who had his full potential on Saturday and Sunday. Even if he spends more than twenty minutes on the ice per game, the American does not inspire confidence.

Against the Detroit Red Wings, he altered the course of the game and the coming days by throwing forward Dylan Larkin on goalkeeper Jake Allen; The latter had to retire to the locker room and stay on the floor, while Samuel Montembolt has taken charge of the net ever since. Quebec conceded twice in his first two shots, and although he had good times after that, he lost 3-2 in overtime.

Then, against the Boston Bruins, Petrie looked bad in the third inning with a 5-2 loss to TD Garden. The penalty kick allowed the opponent to use his strength and Charlie McAvoy tied 2-2. Soon, the defender tried to shove the ball into the hole, but it bounced off the helmet of backer Charlie Coyle before winding up behind Montembeulet.

Certainly, the weekend symbolizes the troubles for Petrie, who has a -3 difference this season and who, in the eyes of many, has been brilliantly handling Shea Weber’s responsibilities.


The veteran is still looking for a first goal in 2021-2022, and in fact, it’s been a long time since he hit the target. Indeed, the regular schedule and playoff matches together, he navigates a series of 42 games without a goal.

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The last time he scored 26th was on May 1 against the Ottawa Senators. After that, he was locked up in the next five duels to end the campaign, and then in the 20 post-season duels in which he was involved. And this year, he earned two passes.

Thus, it is not surprising to see the Hab riven by its powerful game. And before Monday’s clashes, it was in the 29th place with an efficiency of 14.3%. And the few accomplishments the team achieved under these circumstances were not necessarily the result of Petrie’s contribution. On the blue line, Ben Shearoot, Chris Weidman, David Savard and Brett Kulak each have more points than him, while Alexander Romanov has the same number.