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Jeff Gorton wanted David Quinn to replace Luke Richardson

Jeff Gorton wanted David Quinn to replace Luke Richardson

On June 24, Luke Richardson accepted the position as head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, leaving the position as assistant CH. The Habs have since taken on Stefan Rubidas, but what fans didn’t know was that Jeff Gorton had approached former Rangers coach David Quinn for the job earlier this summer.

In fact, that’s what Elliot Friedman mentioned on the 32 Ideas podcast a few weeks ago. The two men know each other well having worked with Rangers from 2018 to 2021. It was Gorton (the general manager at the time) who offered Quinn his first job as a head coach in the NHL.

This is the information that can be found on the website deal rumors.

Quinn, a former defensive man who is now a household name across the NHL, could have brought in a much different background than what Robidas would. The former Rangers coach, now head coach of the San Jose Sharks since late July, is known for his ability to lead a group as well as the former Stars defensive back being known for his skilful management of player development.

Moreover, the last point mentioned is one of the elements that David Quinn was blamed for during his visit to New York. He had a young team, but failed to take it to the next level.

With the profile of the new senior management that Habs has hired over the past few words, Robidas looks like a better option given his background in player development. With that in mind, Martin St. Louis will lead his team in the coming years.

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Another interesting fact to note is another person close to Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton CH tried to bring to Montreal. After the additions of Martin St. Louis, Vincent Locavalier, Nick Bobrov and Adam Nicholas, Quinn’s addition made sense. Instead, the latter decided to take refuge in California, where he will begin his journey with these independent sharks.

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