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Jeff Bezos from Amazon to the Conquest of Space, Biography

Jeff Bezos – From Amazon to the Conquest of Space is a brand new book by Luc Mary (L’Archipel).

This book provides an objective account of the life and work of this avid businessman. A genius for some or for others, he is a man who would rather improve performance than improve working conditions. But whether we like it or not, Bezos is a visionary.

What do we believe

Having worked at Amazon and rubbed shoulders with Jeff Bezos, I wanted to see how the author would approach this topic.

We say everything and its opposite about Bezos, and the book sets things straight. This biography is neither dissatisfied nor hostile to the character, as it restores with all objectivity the career of this brilliant inventor, a little psychopathic, whom we praise or hate.

Bezos invented e-commerce with Amazon, and revolutionized reading kindlealso set foot in artificial intelligence with Alexain the conquest of space with Blue Origin.

He also made mistakes and sometimes advocated overreaching business methods.
All this and more covered Jeff Bezos from Amazon to the conquest of space. Billionaire conspiracies. This book has the advantage of restoring things so that everyone can form their opinion of this character who has not yet conquered the moon but is approaching it.

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Publisher view

With billions of dollars on hand and billions of stars in his head, Jeff Bezos is the man of all challenges, all records…but also all pundits. From the trails of the Amazon galaxy to futuristic space arcs, this 58-year-old American’s adventure is a hymn to excess, and his only rival now is Elon Musk.
The second richest man in the world dreams of escaping!

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