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Jeannique Fournier returns to resign as benefactor

Jeannique Fournier returns to resign as benefactor

Biggest winner of the competition Canada Got Talent Last spring, Jeanick Fournier saw his life change in
A quarter of a turn since this resounding victory. The singer’s life – who has gone from shadow to light – is more glamorous than ever, and has happily abandoned herself in this blissful whirlwind. At Frank Lyman’s clothing head office, we made an appointment with the guy who had just given us an album with her name on it.

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Janic, what do you do with the album you just gave us?
There are 11 songs: 9 songs and 2 original songs, Moment And the everything is going to be OK. First snippet I give upIt’s the song that got me the Golden Buzzer Canada Got Talent. My original songs, of which I am so proud, well represent my character, the woman that I am, that is, who gives and listens to her neighbour. widget Moment, among other things, narrates my journey as a singer. I have worked hard and climbed great mountains to reach this beautiful result in my career. As for the covers, people tell me they make fond memories of hearing these songs they liked. It brings beautiful feelings and a lot of happiness to the people who listen to it.

We took this photo at the Frank Lehmann residence. Do you fall in love with her clothes?
I’ve been going to Boutique Bian’K, owned by Mrs. Dominic, in Chicoutimi for a year now. Sells Frank Lyman clothing. Since I have a lot of events scheduled, I don’t always want to wear the same dresses. I love big, pretty elegant evening dresses cut in comfortable fabrics. Despite my crazy schedule, we’ve made arrangements to go to Frank Lehmann’s Montreal residence for it shooting. We met Mr. Lehmann and his team, who gave me a range of dresses, everything you need to make a woman dream!

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What do you remember of all these clothes?
Palazzo pants are elegant and never go out of fashion. I wear it with a blouse that leaves my arms bare. The fabric is very light and gives you fullness. I fell in love with this cream-colored three-quarter length mini hoodie. It reads: “Perseverance, love, joy, confidence.” it is very beautiful. I also chose a black leather jacket and pants with a jacket. In this clothing line, I love jeans. It is unusual because it is as comfortable as if you were wearing pajamas. It is of exceptional beauty and quality.


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Since trying this cool professional whirlwind, have you changed your wardrobe?
A little, because financially I can no longer buy clothes. I’ve always loved stage dresses. At the Montreal Grand Prix, at the Gémeaux Awards and on the occasions where I was invited, I wore the Frank Lyman outfit loaned to me by my shop. I prefer not to buy everything, because I am invited to a lot of groups.

Do you like the shiny side of the job?
Yes, because I like to wear pretty dresses… (Laugh)

What you are going through right now is extraordinary. It’s a far cry from your life as a palliative care worker…
Already. I quit about a month ago. It had to be done. When I went to deliver my letter of resignation, it was a very moving moment. I shed a tear. However, I am still very involved with the organization. I’m sponsoring a brunch for a fundraiser. We have sold 450 tickets so far. All the same! I still help, to do my best. Whenever I’m in the area, in Chicoutimi, I plan to go there. I’m going to see my beautiful team.

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How has this job changed your life?
My life has completely changed. I am a very busy mother. I go to work five days a week and come home for two or three days.

So you’re split between Montreal and Chicoutimi?
Yes, it is going well, because I have an exceptional person in the house who watches the children. I see they are fine and well. It helps my mother’s heart. Despite everything, I sometimes feel guilty for not being with my friends. In these moments, I cling to my beloved and shed a tear or two. I live a flood of emotions. At the same time, I know they are happy. They lack nothing. It is my mother’s heart that speaks louder than logic…

Isn’t it legitimate that she needs to satisfy herself only as a mother?
Much! What life allows me to achieve is so beautiful that I open my arms and strive for it.


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Do you like this new life?
yes. My schedule is very busy, but I find it very interesting. When I enter the hotel, I take the time to watch a movie, decompress, and rest. Not being with kids allows me to do that. It’s awful, but I don’t have to give myself 100% to my friends, I don’t have to “push the machine”. I can let myself go: take a hot bath and a glass of wine and relax.

Is the pace amazing sometimes?
Yes, but being 50 allows me to keep my feet on the ground. I live today and don’t think about it later. If I look at what I have on schedule in a few days, I feel dizzy! I have to stop. I shouldn’t have thought about it; I enjoy every minute. At the age of twenty, I would not have been so calm …

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What did you miss from your life before?
Cooking! (Laugh) All I miss is cooking in my house…except for my kids of course!

She has adopted two children with Down syndrome. Does this life take you back to basics?
yes. Every day reminds me to keep my feet on the ground. life today…

How do you pick up?
Since I have time to myself and the hotels have training rooms, I got a taste of training. It’s good for my body, but especially for my head. It brings out the bad guy! I also love watching a movie, listening to music and chatting with my lover. We really do have a great time together.

I turned 50 last spring. How was this stage?
My greatest gift was winning Canada Got Talent And the $150,000 scholarship, to give her the chance to sing in Luxor, Las Vegas american talents And get a contract with the Universal Music team. It allowed me to do all kinds of beautiful things and feel like I belong.

scraps Janic Fournier Available on digital platforms and in store.
To find out more about his plans and upcoming show tour: or on his Facebook page Janic Fournier is an artist.

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