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Jeannette Reno was hospitalized due to illness

Jeannette Reno was hospitalized due to illness

Jeannette Renaud, one of Quebec’s most beautiful voices, was taken to Pierre Boucher Hospital on Thursday after becoming distressed.

An announcement that her anxious fans can read in a message written by the singer’s spokesperson and posted on her official Facebook page.

Jeannette Renaud was seen at Pierre Boucher Hospital on Thursday, quickly causing a flurry of questions and assumptions in the world of media and entertainment.

“We got several calls because people saw her at the hospital, so before people made all kinds of fuss, we wanted to mention her on social media in order to calm things down a bit.” , explained his daughter, Natasha Water, who reached for the phone Thursday night.

There is no COVID

“Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with COVID,” she added. Saying she’s okay is a big word, but her condition is stable. “

We can’t give any other details at the moment, because we’re not even very familiar with everything that’s going on. She is in the hospital, she is under care and undergoes many tests. “

She hopes to be able to provide more news about her famous mother’s health in the coming days.

“I imagine she would like to reveal to the public what her state of health is as soon as she knows more,” she added.

We’ll remember that in January 2014, Jeannette Reno had to urgently be hospitalized and then have heart surgery after suffering a heart attack while alone in her Florida apartment.